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Fact finder, follow thru, quick start and implementor. We do this for two reasons.

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Because of one’s genetic makeup, particular life experiences, and the demands of the present environment, a preferred way of choosing among these four learning modes is developed.


Kolbe action modes test free. However, one of my top clients in terms of ebt margin and free operating cash flow on sales is number one in my client base. Decisiveness is critical in leadership. The kolbe index is aimed at finding which of the ‘mode of operations’ a person uses, in order to harness this greater understanding.

There are four action modes in kolbe: Fact finder, follow through, quick start and implementer. One important difference is that the youth index result shows where your child's talent in an action mode is, but doesn't give a number to describe each.

Each of these modes is a range that describes how a person gets things done. And if you think doing the kolbe a instict test yourself would be helpful, you can click here to access it. Kolbe looks beyond intelligence and emotions to identify your innate approach to taking action.

Understanding and trusting this powerful force will give you the freedom to be yourself. If you have taken the kolbe a index, you'll notice a few differences between the result that kids get and your own kolbe result. This kolbe index a test questions will validate your natural types of talent and mode of operation that frees you to be productive naturally.

Begin taking the kolbe a index test sample here There is a boundless, almost inexhaustible, power that we can harness. And all of us activate these modes in different and diverse ways.

Kolbe’s four action modes are the modern breakthrough in understanding and explaining conation. She observed them as resulting from engaging the striving instincts. The kolbe assessment is a test of how you think, not personality or intelligence.

Instincts aren't measurable, but the conative (doing) part of the brain is measurable by the kolbe index. Understanding and trusting this powerful source will give you the freedom to be yourself. According to the kolbe theory of conation, there are four action modes and universal instincts that drive our unique methods of problem solving when we are striving:

The kolbe a™ index has four action modes with three zones of operations in each mode. Discover the key to achieving — with less stress and more joy. Scientists throughout history agree that there are three parts of your mind.

In a nutshell, the kolbe test will measure what you will do and what you won’t do. Learning styles learning style describes the unique ways individuals spiral through the learning cycle based on their preference for the four different learning modes. As you can see from the image above my result is 8723.

But decisiveness is a conative trait we see with quick starts, one of kolbe’s four action modes(r). Each person’s method of operation, or “mo,” is their strength in that area. Having identified these conative modes…

Kolbe scores on 4 modes, fact finder, follow thru, quickstart and implementor. You won't get bogged down in the past. The kolbe test measures your areas of natural strengths in four action modes, each scored out of 10:

Results are unbiased by gender, age, and race, and they don't change over time. Behavior ranges from gathering detailed information and documenting strategies to simplifying and clarifying options. Your actions come from the process of your natural instincts.

She has over 120 printed works, and has written an almost equal amount for published software programs. The instinctive way we gather and share information. Discover how your instincts impact your leadership and how to use these strengths to your advantage.

Fact finder, follow thru, quickstart and implementor. This is the conative mind and it is kolbe’s mission to show everyone what drives their success. At least that’s what the sales pitch says.

Awareness will help you to balance or understand others’ learning styles. Instead of an excuse for laziness (well my kolbe score says i’m no good at doing it that way) see it as more of a prediction of where problem areas lie between two individuals. Yet, he is not going to score high on decide above.

Kathy kolbe’s key insight was that everyone has a strength in how they operate in each of these action modes. What is your default mode of action? Your kolbe result celebrates your modes of operation (mo):

Fact finder, follow through, quick start, and implementor. There are four action modes: Your kolbe result celebrates your modes of operation.

These are driven by instincts, and represent the primary ways we tackle challenges. But kolbe doesn’t measure personality. The kolbe index is used in the workplace and personally for individuals to.

Kathy is a prolific writer and bestselling author. Kolbe developed the indexing tool over a period of 10 years, finding that there are four kinds of instincts which are shown through four action modes: After taking the test and reading through the results though, i’m inclined to agree.

We can become aware of the way we learn to acquire and process information during learning and working. Fact finder (ff), follow thru (ft), quick start (qs), and implementor (im). Kolbe defines 4 action modes and gives you a score in each:

In fact, it quantifies your “method of operation” according to kathy kolbe. Kathy kolbe defines leadership as a creative activity and discusses how people who initiate in each of the four action modes® are likely to lead. Action modes, which she discovered were distinct, measurable clusters of behavior.

Kolbe a tm is not a personality test!

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