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See more ideas about hula hoop games, hoop games, hula hoop. Arrange several hula hoops in a circle on the ground close enough to that they are touching.

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Over the years teaching kids has given me plenty of time to play around, practice and be creative finding.


Hula hoop games pe. Hula hoops, music game description: The student with the longest spinning hoop advances to the side that won, the… pe games with hula hoops I never really knew how to hula hoop very well until i became a pe teacher.

Partners take turns rolling and running to catch the hoop. 1 hula hoop per team. Before you or the kids know it, you'll have a great hula hoop work out and sneak in some exercise too!.

This game requires nine hula hoops and ten beanbags—five of one color and five of another. Throughout my career i’ve called on the hula hoop to assist me in teaching teamwork, to help the youngest students recognize personal space, to improve fitness, to simply act as a base for games like kickball and capture the flag, and to be a manipulative for building and spinning. Students face off with each other by spinning their hula hoops.

At a distance from them, and in front of each line, set up the cone. Sebar link kamu bisa dapat gaji mingguan hingga jutaan rupiah. I soon realized that i needed to up my skill level so i could demonstrate for my students.

This is one pe game that i play every year in my physical education classes when kids come back to school from summer break. Each child stands in a hoop. Hula hoop madness starts with lots of hula hoops on the floor for students to jump into when the music stops.

As a physical education teacher, the hula hoop is my favorite piece of equipment due to its versatility. Another movement game to help enhance discussions and awareness of personal space. Both teams must line up at.

See more ideas about elementary pe, hula hoop games, gym games. Lay the hula hoops out around the gym. The partner standing in the hoop runs to catch the hula hoop before it falls to the ground and brings the hula hoop back to its original spot.

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