How To Use Infusible Ink Pens

Currently infusible ink products, including the pens, markers, cricut blanks and accessories, are available at michaels.they are now available on too. You create the project in design space, and then the pens/markers draw onto a piece of laser copy paper that you will in turn transfer to your blank using a heat source.

Cricut Infusible Ink Pens vs. Markers Which Should I Use

Choose which pens/markers you want to use and a compatible blank.


How to use infusible ink pens. You can create beautiful mugs with cricut infusible ink. But you can also use infusible ink to customize gifts and home decor. They are also the only pens and markers that will work with cricut joy.

Infuse your design into your cricut blank* with any cricut easypress ®. (you can also draw or color in by hand if you wish) Draw your design on laser paper:

Infusible ink pens and markers in neon. The best part is that the colors already say (infusible ink) next to them. Cricut joy pens and markers are compatible with cricut joy machines only.

The pens allow you to transfer the ink to a piece of laser copy paper, then you use the copy paper face down, just like you used the transfer sheets above. Well, we have found a way. You want to use the drawing as soon as you can, so that the ink doesn’t soak into the paper too much.

Use your cricut explore or make and the infusible ink pens/markers to draw your design onto laser paper. The heat set patterns and pens are perfect for all kinds of designs for the entire family. If however, you want to have a go at the infusible ink transfer sheets check out this initial thought was that the pens were a little pricey, but, when you consider that you can do so much, with them they earn their keep.

You can make these same coasters with this design in cricut design space. You can also draw your designs freestyle with your infusible ink pens or markers. You can free hand it or use a cutting machine with the ink pens in the adapter.

For this tutorial we are going to be using both the pens and markers on ceramic coasters. The quality of these finished coasters are the same you would find in stores mass produced. The drawing for the pens is drawn on copy paper.

Supplies for making coasters with infusible ink pens. I used the pen to draw and the marker to fill it in. This post will take you through how to use infusible i nk pens.

An awesome and easy introduction in how to use cricut infusible ink pens to make an awesome shirt. Before handling infusible ink materials, be sure that your hands are dry and free of any oils or lotions. Only this type of paper will hold and release the ink correctly.

Just click on the arrow next to cut at the top and select draw from the drop down menu. It is the recommended method from cricut for maximum results. Cricut maker (or explore machine) easypress or heat press

Color in your outline with the infusible ink pens. Do you want to learn more about how to use infusible inks on coffee mugs? Check your inventory to make sure you have the color pen/marker you selected.

Once your design is complete, unload mat. Create tote bags for yourself or give them as gifts. So you can decide how thick you want your lines of the design to be drawn make sure to either select the pens at 0.4 or markers at 1.0.

Set the heat press to 400°f. Create your design in design space and have the cricut machine draw it out onto laser copy paper. Apply with an easypress or heat press according to the directions in the cricut heat settings guide.

How do you use infusible ink. Right now you can use the infusible ink pens or reach for the infusible ink transfer sheets. Then place that design face down on your selected surface and press it on.

How to use infusible ink pens i find infusible ink pens to be a bit more complicated to use, but they’re still pretty easy. If you want to order directly from cricut, you can use code frugal10 to save 10% and score free shipping on $50+ orders.that’s on top of the 10% discount cricut access members get automatically! How to use infusible ink pens and markers.

We use our 5 in 1 heat press that has special clamps with it just for working with mugs! The infusible ink will not crack, peel or fade for a long time. You can only use infusible ink with sublimation blanks (poly coated) and 100% polyester garments.

You can use the infusible ink with all of the cricut machines including the easypress. The basics of using infusible ink pens and markers to do a project are pretty simple. How to use cricut infusible ink pens.

You must use laser copy paper with the infusible ink pens. Drawing with infusible ink pens with cricut for those new to cricut, when using your cricut to draw, you can use any image, just change it to draw. Cutting the design using both sheets and pens infusible ink.

You need to use laser copy paper to draw on and then transfer that onto your surface. Remove your design from mat and, if desired, color it in using infusible ink markers or pens. Lint free cloth (to wipe off lint) instructions for making coasters with infusible ink pens.

Color in your design if desired. Outline your artwork on cardstock using the cricut infusible ink pens. Always test pens before use to ensure ink is ready.

**learn how to use infusible ink pens and markers here. The sheet can be put on later if you want. This is because some of the blanks need a higher temperature than what is offered with the original easypress.

Iron that heats up to 400°f (or use the cricut easypress 2) heating pad for iron (or use the cricut heat mat) teflon or butcher paper; The ink was actually created for the easypress 2. The heart is cut from an infusible ink sheet.

While many people like to use the infusible ink transfer sheets, the pens are great for those who want to get a little more creative and make their own designs. Outline the coaster with a pencil on the cardstock. How do i make a project with cricut infusible ink pens & markers?

Cut infusible ink transfer sheets, or draw with infusible ink pens & markers using laser copy paper. Markers have a thicker line (1.0), while pens are thinner (0.4). You tape the infusible ink design onto the mug and then wrap the heat plate around it and voila!

Yes, you can use infusible inks to decorate ceramic items like a coffee mug but you will need to heat treat the mug in the oven at 400 degrees.

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