How To Use Infusible Ink On Coasters


Place your coaster designs face down onto the coaster surface. I’ve done it without the tape, but i had to make sure that i stood there holding the heat in place so that it didn’t shift.

Cricut Infusible Ink Watercolor Coasters Papers co, Cool

When the first mat is done, cds will prompt you to unload your mat and insert the second mat.


How to use infusible ink on coasters. The shiny liner side will be facing up. A beginner’s guide to cricut infusible ink. If you are using a larger cricut easypress, you can transfer infusible ink designs to multiple coasters at the same time.

Burnish down well and remove the transfer tape. In this project, we are using the cricut coaster blanks that are compatible with infusible ink. Press the infusible ink sheet down on the cricut mat.

Fold and bend the sheets in your hands so it cracks. Learn how to make coasters with cricut’s infusible ink markers and infusible ink transfer paper. Now that your infusible ink design is on the coasters.

When beep sounds, slowly lift press. Preheat your easypress 2 to 400°f (set timer for 60 s) or your easypress to 360° f (set timer to 120 s). If you have been here a while you know this!

You tape the infusible ink design onto the mug and then wrap the heat plate around it and voila! I simply folded down those edges and it worked well enough to hold it in place. You can create beautiful mugs with cricut infusible ink.

If you plan to use these often, star it to make it a favorite so you don't have to search for each project. Place infusible ink transfer sheet ink side up with liner side down on “standard” grip cutting mat. Read this post with tips for using infusible ink.

Try not to move the stack, including butcher paper. Coaster will be very hot. Make sure your hands are clean and dry.

If you want to learn exactly how to use cricut infusible ink properly, you need to check out our video: Place your infusible ink transfer sheet on the standard grip mat, liner side down. Monogrammed coasters with infusible ink.

Add the transfer tape to the vinyl and burnish well. Preheat your easypress 2 to 400f. Mirror the mat before cutting the infusible ink sheet.

Adding vinyl constellation to coasters. Place your design face down on the coaster, then cover it with a fresh sheet of butcher paper. Now, the directions said to use a heat resistant tape to hold the infusible ink in place, but as you can see, i had excess of my transfer sheet around each coaster, and it was made of heat resistant adhesive.

Visit this post for full instructions on how to make infusible ink ceramic coasters. I’d love to see ornaments, backpacks, and puzzles. Having even small bits of dust or hair can interfere with the integrity of the design.

How to make infusible ink coasters. Cricut does not recommend reusing butcher paper because it absorbs ink that is lost in the transfer. These are super easy diy coasters!

When cds prompts you, load the mat and press the blinking go light for the machine to cut. Wipe down coaster with a microfiber cloth to get rid of any possible dust or hair particles. I wouldn’t be surprised if cricut comes out with more compatible products in the near future.

Cricut infusible ink coasters with tropical leaves. When you use the ink pens, you’ll want to make sure you that the design doesn’t shift, so it’s recommended that you attach the cardstock design to the coaster with heat safe tape. You don’t even have to press down, just place it and let go.

Peel back leaving the vinyl on the transfer tape. This tutorial will focus on the infusible ink transfer sheets and how to design a coaster in cricut’s design space. With clean and dry hands, place your cricut joy infusible ink transfer sheet face up on your cricut cutting mat.

Use the easypress to transfer cricut infusible ink once your easypress 2 is to temperature, place it carefully on top of the stack you made. The infusible ink comes in sheets, like vinyl, or in marker form where you can draw your own design on a piece of inkjet paper to transfer onto your blank. Then add to the coaster in the correct location.

The heat resistant tape helps keep the transfer sheet (and therefore the ink) in place and prevents it from sliding around on your coasters. When using transfer sheets, cricut doesn’t recommend transfer tape. Try not to let it move the coaster, or your image might shift (one of mine isn’t perfectly centered because of this shift!).

For the sliced out images, i peeled out the ink (kind of like negative weeding) and for the other flowers, i pulled off the outside and the little dots inside. Place sheet of white cardstock paper over the cricut easypress mat to protect it from the transfer sheets. A cricut infusible ink coasters blank has been specially engineered to work with the cricut infusible ink transfers and pens.

Transfer infusible ink transfer sheet to coaster. Place your coaster upside down, cover with butcher paper, then heat with your easypress for 240 seconds. Tape each infusible ink transfer sheet in place with heat resistant tape.

Notice that the transfer sheet color seems dull now, but wait until you see the finished project. As an affiliate for amazon and other sites, i earn from qualifying purchases. Cover the coaster with one of the pressing sheets included with the infusible ink, and then place the easypress 2 on the coaster for 60 seconds at 400 degrees.

Using infusible ink pens with coasters. Let cool completely before handling. I designed this split letter monogram myself in adobe illustrator but here are my favorite places to get split letter monogram fonts:

Place the cricut infusible ink transfer sheet liner side down (ink is facing up) on a standardgrip cricut mat and lightly press down. This post contains affiliate links which may earn me commissions should you click through them and take certain actions. Make sure you let them cool (they are really hot), then remove the tape and the paper.

Butcher paper comes with the infusible ink transfer sheets and must be larger than your easypress’s heat plate. We use our 5 in 1 heat press that has special clamps with it just for working with mugs! The liner side goes down, the colored side goes up.

Then peel off the extra infusible ink sheet. The process of transferring the infusible ink makes the color so vivid! I love to add monograms to things!

You can add some vinyl constellations to the top!

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