How To Use Crankbait For Walleye


This can be a consistent way to control how deep your walleye lure is diving. Designed to be cast or trolled right out of the box, its baitfish shape mimics a variety of forage species, making it ideally suited to freshwater systems all over north america.

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In fact, of the hundreds of crankbaits marketed as walleye slayers, only a handful of these baits routinely catch fish.


How to use crankbait for walleye. Here is a list of some of the most popular walleye crankbait patterns: Water temps are rising and the bite on lake erie is heating up. Versatility in fishing presentations is the main reason for it’s popularity.

Crankbait rods should be long to allow for increased casting distance and to get to the maximum diving depth. They are made of a material that reminds me of a boat cover. For getting a more better result try to use power bait they create vibrate that helps anglers.

This will give you even more vibration and action to attract the walleye. With that being said, the number of walleye rods you use and how you use them can vary greatly. By using a lead core or super line, you can get virtually any crankbait to dive to a specific depth.

A common rule is that for every fishing line size decrease, your walleye lure should run about one foot deeper. This is what i use. Crankbait trolling on erie crankbaits and erie walleyes go together like thunder & lightning.

The bandit shallow walleye crankbait was designed in collaboration with walleye fishing experts. In rough conditions in muddy water, go to a larger lure. They are fun to fish and once you fish them, you'll be hooked.

We get a lot of messages on how to use our blade baits. The rod action is another key factor, as having a rod with some give is best to allow the bait to dive deep without being held back or impeded by the rod. Here is an easy method of presenting a crankbait to walleye that can be used by the novice angler who doesn't have a boat full of extras.

Because they hunt mostly by sight, they are highly susceptible to certain lures, like flashing lures. Lauded by many experts as the most legendary walleye lure of all time, the cotton cordell wally diver is a proven classic that deserves a place in every walleye fisherman’s tackle box. By using a lead core or super line, you can get virtually any crankbait to dive to a specific depth.

These lures are effective in shallow and deep water, in warm and cold conditions, fishing during the day and night, and literally all through the year. Every summer i look forward to the hot months of july and august. Works great you can order extra tubes and actually get 19 bandits, or what ever stick bait in one container.

Here are just a few tips to increase your chances of catching a trophy walleye with the correct crankbait. Some tackle stores will have tape you can use for doctoring lures. Put a piece of chartreuse of both sides of the front, then a piece of green or red on each side of.

Here are some of the most historically popular lure options for walleye. Since wide wobbling crankbaits best imitate crawfish, you should crank your plug down to the bottom to deflect it off the rocks. They fit 4 of the plano boxes in each bag

The problem is that not all crankbaits are adept at catching walleye. The bass pro shops walleye series 8 foot trolling rod was designed specifically for this technique and is ideal for trolling with crankbaits. However, which crank to use and how to use it can depend on where you are and in what conditions you are fishing.

They create a lot of vibration and action in the water. Basically, you’re using the longest trolling rods you have out the sides and the shorter rods back at an angle. The best walleye lure of all time, grubs on a jig are the most popular alternative to live bait.

Their carrying bags are awesome also. The fenwick elite tech walleye series has 12 different models to choose from, all of which retail for under $150. The crankbait’s shape dictates how you should present the lure to prespawn bass.

You can either jig them, cast and retrieve them or cast and do a ripping retrieve. Crankbait is another option that looks literally like a baitfish and according to most anglers, they are most effective on anglers. Rapala lure has remained one of the most consistent fishing lures for catching walleye.

Crankbait, grub, paddle tail shad, and ring worm. A common rule is that for every fishing line size decrease, your walleye lure should run about one foot deeper. For reels, i prefer to use a line counter reel such as the shimano tekota 3000.

This slender minnow bait works great on walleye, bass, pike and other predator fish. This is usually prime time to troll crankbaits on the flats on deeper, cool water lakes. This can be a consistent way to control how deep your walleye lure is diving.

Jiggling spoon can be a good idea for batting walleye they are heavy sometimes close to 3/4 ounce. By (mostly brett) posted on april 26, 2017. If you want to fish fast and avoid keeping bait alive this is your primary option.

This bait can be trolled or cranked down to 12 feet and is designed for exploring shallow to medium depth flats. When visibility is limited, the walleye need something to zero in on and the noise can do the trick. For muddy water, used pieces of flourescent tape to spice up your crankbaits.

There are numerous tips, techniques and tactics that can be used and most anglers will have their preferred methods. Now it’s time to talk specific lures and color patterns that are going to be the most effective to use when fishing crankbaits for walleye. A rod that is longer than seven feet is ideal, and up to eight feet is not too long.

The price may seem steep, but making an investment in a quality jigging rod with pay for itself in no time. When selecting a rod for crankbait trolling, look for 7 ½ foot or an 8 foot medium action rod. And knowing the best lure to use is the key to catching these cunning creatures.

Every crankbait has it’s day, but the crankbaits i’m interested in owning and using are the select few that catch fish day in and day out. Crankbaits for walleye are one the most the widely used artificial lures in any walleye anglers arsenal.


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