How To Throw A Cutter Pitch

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In fact, it should only be a couple miles per hour slower than your regular fastball. You will also learn how to throw various specialty pitches such as the slider, cutter and splitter.

How To Pitch INSIDE Better (and get more STRIKE OUTS

For the ball to cut (move to the gloveside) it must have sidespin imparted or the ball tilted slightly at release.


How to throw a cutter pitch. In this situation, make sure you throw in a couple of off cutters in each over to give them something to think about. The slider pitch grip is a cutter pitch grip. Your wrist should remain stiff.

Putting pressure on your both your index and middle fingers will cause the pitch to balance out, or become a cutter. To throw a cutter, we want to think “fastball” and pull down on the seams using your index and middle fingers as you get closer to release. On the left is a cutter and the right is a slider.

A cue we like when throwing the pitch is to “yank” the ball down as hard as possible, as it should feel as if the ball “shoots” out of your hand. Release the cut fastball as you would the fastball. Your thumb comes up just slightly on the inside of the baseball, and the index and middle fingers rotate just slightly to the outside.

The thumb should be under the ball and a little off center as well. We watched for 20 years mariano rivera, the most famous thrower of the cut fastball, throw this pitch with unbelievable accuracy and dominate with a pitch that everybody knew was coming. Extend your arm fully as you deliver the pitch.

Notice that the cutter looks like a fastball until the very end then abruptly breaks into the hitter’s hands. If you have a length of gutter that is more than 35 feet long, the center point should be the highest elevation and each side should pitch down toward the downspouts on either end. The name of the slider pitch has interchanged with how to throw a cut fastball or throwing a cut fastball.

Your arm movement should mimic that of your fastball. Do not snap or turn the wrist as done with a curve or slider. To get started, measure the side of the house directly under the gutter to determine its length in feet.

This means placing your index finger and your middle finger on the two narrow seams on the ball. The cutter, slider or cut fastball is normally thrown on the outside part of the. Cutters are not thrown by a large portion of major league pitchers, but for some of the pitchers who possess a cutter, it is one of their primary pitches.

Both the forefinger and middle finger should be close together and still placed across the seams. Cutters, however, are not like this. When thrown correctly, a cutter will be similar to a slider, but, with sharper movement.

The pitching fingers slice through the outside of the baseball on release causing a hard late breaking ball. On this page, you will learn several important baseball grips that are associated with pitching, including how to throw a fastball, how to throw a changeup and how to throw a curveball. I made this gif to point out the different movement between a cutter and a slider.

To throw a cutter or cut fastball, you will throw a fastball but get a slight amount of side spin that makes the ball move in or out a few inches. The lower your arm slot, the easier this may be for you. When your fingers don't stay on top (i.e.

How to throw a cutter. Bruce sutter, one of the best splitter pitchers in the history of the game, says that it is very important to put your thumb on the back seam, not the front seam. The key to gripping a slider is holding the outer third of the ball.

The cutter is a fastball, after all. A pitcher with an effective cutter can break many bats. A batter hitting a cutter pitch often achieves only soft contact and an easy out due to the pitch's movement keeping the ball away from the bat's sweet spot.

Put pressure on your index finger. The cutter is more like the fastball than any other pitch, so start out using the four seam fastball grip, only move the grip a little off center. Keep your fingers on top of the baseball and throw the cutter hard.

The slider on the other hand has some late movement as well, but the break is away and down. So, if you’re bowling on a wicket that is turning. They fall to the side of the baseball), your cutter will straighten out and you are putting undue stress on your elbow.

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