How To Test Rv Water Heater Thermostat

An electric water heater uses one or two heating elements to heat the water inside the tank. You can pull the wires off and test the thermostat with a continuity tester if you're too cheap to buy the replacement kit.

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To check the lower thermostat you need the upper thermostat turned off.


How to test rv water heater thermostat. Use your screwdriver to loosen the screws just a bit and then remove the wires from the screws safely. With a quick test using a multimeter, i had my answer. If the reading shows 240 volts the power is sufficient.

It was so easy that virtually anyone can do it in just a few minutes. When the water is cold, there should be continuity between the contacts. Leave the upper thermostat in the lowest setting and test the lower thermostat.

Move to the thermostat terminals and check if it is supplied with power. There are two thermostats on your atwood water heater and they are very inexpensive and easy to replace. Now attach your multimeter to the terminals so that the heating element gives you perfect reading.

If it is, you will have a reading of 240v on terminals 1 and 3. Turn the power supply off after the test and untwist the wires. If water comes out, it is not a supply problem.

Now let us get started with the following steps on how to test a water heater with multimeter. Our rv has two locations for our fuses one in the cabin, but these are mostly automotive fuses, and one in the back. Test the water heater thermostat.

The lower thermostat needs to be turned to its highest setting. Twist the r wire and the g wire together. This should insure that lower thermostat is allowed to engage.

To check it, place the probes of the multimeter on the screws touching the heating element. If the opposite thing happens, that means your thermostat has defected. You should open it and let the water flow into the tank.

But if there are no readings then the thermostat is faulty. Most times, it conked out at around 100f. A free trial front bottom right up your suburban rv manual the water heater parts are symbols that comes off the ignitor.

Test for proper voltage on each side of the water heater element by touching one probe of your multimeter to each screw, while touching the other to common ground. Atwood rv water heater won't light. You can find it on the side of the element.

Gary bunzer, the rv doctor, shows you how to get complete control over the temperature of the water delivered to the hot faucets in a motorhome. Variety of atwood rv water heater wiring diagram. Before you proceed further with the process of testing the heater thermostat, take a screwdriver and the multimeter.

Pressurized freshwater is reaching the inlet of the water heater. The reading here must also show the perfect 240 volts. We will need this wattage value to test the heating element of the water heater.

The lower thermostat has only two terminals. Use the screwdriver to set the lower thermostat to the highest setting. When the water is hot, there shouldn't be.

Connect the multimeter pin ends on point 1 & 2, as shown in the picture below. If not certain whether in water heater bypass mode, carefully open the temperature / pressure relief valve. When a water heater no longer produces hot water.

How to diagnose your water heater’s issue. Testing the water heater thermostat involves the checking of the heating element also. Wife will order a suburban rv heater tank is best to fail again a tim e until you can cause injury and maintenance.

Now to check the lower thermostat, you need to set the dial of the upper thermostat to the minimum and set the lower thermostat to the highest. All rv thermostats run on 12v so your heater will work if you aren’t plugged in. Use caution when opening the valve as scalding could occur if hot water is present.

Use the water heater tester to check terminals #1 and #2 (the lower set). If you get a reading of the power then the thermostat is good, if not then your thermostat needs to be replaced. For a 12v powered thermostat, you’ll need to check your fuses.

Start by checking the thermostat terminals for the supply of power. Troubleshoot electric water heater and replace thermostat. Actually, “project” seems like too strong a word for what’s involved in replacing the thermostat on the electric side of our suburban water heater.

You need to check the water heater bypass valve. If the water heater is in bypass mode, checking water flow will be misleading. The fan should now be operating.

How to operate the rv water heater. Turn the power on to the hvac at the circuit breaker. Before you do that, first check if the lower thermostat is ok or not.

Many rvers complain that the water is too hot. To help you get your water heater system back up and running like new, rv maintenance and repair expert dave solberg walks you through a quick inspection and explanation of each component. In bypass mode, with an empty water heater, the cold water supply will flow through both the hot and cold lines.

The solution t this problem, if these are the source, is to replace them. How to test a water heater element with a multimeter. Once done loosening the screw, make a note of the wattage value of the heating element.

Browser that there is to others, unless an optional electric source to help. The reading on the multimeter should be zero. Touch one probe of the multimeter to each terminal on the lower thermostat.

Remove the square black cover to expose the rv water heater thermostat switches. This is most easily tested by opening the pressure relief valve located near the top of the water heater. If the water is hot enough at appointed temperature, the meter won’t show reading.

However, in electric mode, the water heater intermittently failed to heat the water to its rated 130f degree temperature. Now do the same procedure on the other remaining terminal of your thermostat. Test the lower water heater thermostat

If the hvac passed all of these tests, the thermostat is faulty and needs to be replaced. Gary shows how a gas water heater works, then explains atwood mobile products’ service kit that includes an adjustable thermostat. If the water is cold, the multimeter will point near zero.

Without a battery, your thermostat will be powered by the rv’s electrical system. First things first, you should check that gas is coming through to your appliances. Although the rv water heater has different models and brands, most rvs have the same steps that you are able to apply to your unit.

I opened the outside access panel and removed the thermostat cover. This led me to suspect a faulty thermostat. But if there is no reading, check its power source.

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