How To Spread The Gospel To Friends

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Leave tracts in public place like the restaurant and coffee shop or on public transportation. Share these with friends through audio messages, video clips, blogs, websites, as a printed booklet, or even as a book!

Keep your feet on the ground, your heart on the cross, and

It represents my faith that people, connected, can create a new world.


How to spread the gospel to friends. Social media sites help us to spread or share the gospel by letting users on these platforms know more about jesus and how they can overcome their challenges. Try to carry a variety of tracts in your purse or car so that you are ready to give one to those you meet. Share the gospel at all times.

When i was young, every year, the day after boxing day, my family and i would be found setting up tents at currarong for ten days of beach mission to the holidaymakers staying in the park. Spreading the gospel through social media. Download these files and use them freely or create your own hacktag and share it here.

Christians must inform people about jesus’ gift of salvation. When you return a book to the library you can leave a tract in. The listener wants to do all they can and so we ask together in agreement for you to increase them in all areas of life.

All their believing prayers and finances sown in faith helps to keep the gospel spreading. Put anything after # and what follows becomes a community, a movement, something that matters. “but whosoever shall deny me before men, him will i also deny before my father which is in heaven” (matthew 10:33).

For in the name of jesus christ, i make my requests. On these platforms remember the gospel is not only about bible verses and preaching to people, you can mix up your post with motivational/inspirational quotes that gives people hope or strengthen them. Pray this prayer with me, then share it with some friends and lets believe god for awakening!

The gospel spread and multiplied in groups. Sharing lets all your friends see the posts and learn more about the gospel. Two filipino catholics are harnessing the power of social media to spread the gospel.

Be sure to add your own testimony when you share the updates, videos, pictures, and posts on your personal social media pages. # is the symbol of a connected humanity. We should preach the gospel to every creature, and that involves using words.

Shout a warning on my holy mountain. It is time to heed his call to evangelism and embrace this responsibility. I assure you, we are not alone in this work.

Only conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of christ, so that whether i come and see you or remain absent, i will hear of you that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel; God uses simple things to spread the gospel over the past six months, as we have transitioned into ministry, i have been struck by this fact: Christians are required to proclaim gospel of jesus christ.

Twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, a website and the like can all be used to the glory of god. Pope francis describes social media as “a gift. An email signature is a piece of customizable html or text that most email applications will allow you to add to all your outgoing emails.

You can create devotions based on bible characters, themes, personal testimonies of people, or thoughts that the holy spirit fills you as you meditate on the word of god. We should always be ready to share the gospel with anyone we can. In part 1, we look at the 3 angelic falls described in old testament and how they affected mankind and the world.

My friends, if you have experienced the power of the gospel then you have a responsibility to the harvest. The inclusion of gentiles into the church without them becoming proselytes first was hard for some of the jewish believers to accept, but the evidence of god’s acceptance was overwhelming (ch. The scripture stated, “blow the trumpet on zion.

It has become the symbol of the internet. We must do it without hesitation to populate god’s kingdom. Writing devotionals is a great way to spread the gospel.

Additionally, we looked at the kingdom ministry of jesus as the reversing of the effects of those 3 angelic falls. Let me effectively preach your gospel so that people can know you and be saved. With their increasing number of followers these two evangelizers are showing the youth that the widespread platform of social media is the way to communicate and connect.

They must also remind people of god’s punishment that will befall them if they refuse to repent from their sins. The gospel broke through the gentile barrier when the apostle peter responded to cornelius the centurion’s vision and went to caesarea to preach to him and his friends. On twitter, you can reply to posts and “retweet” them so others learn what you believe.

Currently all of the bible believing churches agree that this is true, but we can’t tell it’s true by our urgency. These internet based facilities can help you reach a wide variety of people across the world and to spread the gospel. We can use social media to spread the gospel.

There are two ways in which we accept the mandate to further the message of the gospel: God uses the simple things to grow his kingdom.

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