How To Smoke Moon Rocks With A Bong


1 gram of moon rocks; Choose a fresh, whole nug that won’t fall apart, and make sure the kief is in a jar ready for the final step.

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Moon rocks are not like cannabis flower.


How to smoke moon rocks with a bong. Pack a normal bowl of flower and add a piece of moonrock on top. Use a pipe, bong, or bubbler: The best way to smoke moon rocks is to top off a bowl with a few pieces of it.

Learn how to smoke moon rocks and stay hydrated so you stay healthy while smoking your moon rocks. Check out the article below on various smoking methods for marijuana. Here’s some advice on how to prepare for your moon rocks experience.

How to smoke moon rocks. This really won’t roll up well in a joint. Mix it with some regular weed:

Moon rocks are recommended for advanced cannabis consumers as they pack a powerful punch. Break the moon rock with your hand or a knife into smaller chunks. Here’s some advice on how to prepare for your moon rocks experience.

If you’re using your favorite concentrate, dab some on a knife, heat it, and apply. At the end of it, you will have more kief to produce another moon rock or two. Plus, you probably won’t have enough of the product to make a decent roll, so it’s best to stick with using a pipe or a bong.

Best way to smoke moon rocks. Use a bong, pipe or whatever glassware you like most. Here are some great tips for how to smoke moon rocks.

Take it and sprinkle into some regular weed. Hence, it's best to use a pipe/bong with a small cone to avoid letting this stuff go to waste. 1 blade or straight razor 1 glass piece (pipe, bubbler, bong) 1 lighter;

The best way to smoke moon rocks is to throw them on top of some flower in your bowl and light up. Moon rocks can feel harsh on the lungs, but shouldn't continue burning like other methods. Mix it with some regular weed:

Remember that moon rocks delivers a hard punch and are recommended for experienced cannabis users. But if you throw some ground cannabis on top it will be like the kindle to the fire! The nuggets can be broken into weed joints as well, but again, having dried flower to help with combustion will.

Hence, it’s best to use a pipe/bong with a small cone to avoid letting this stuff go to waste. Have your snacks close to you. For the best smoke and taste, tear the moonrock into small pieces and smoke it in a pipe or bong.

Moon rocks are thick and sticky, and will not be able to be smoked on their own. Set that moon rock to dry. Because of the high oil content, they can get greasy very fast, making smoking them on their own next to impossible.

Don’t stuff the bowl too much or you’ll have to light it repeatedly. As far as smoking your moon rocks in a joint or a blunt, the best method is to break up the nug and add it into a base of weed (or tobacco if you’re into spliffs). A gram of moon rocks;

The best way to smoke moon rocks is to sandwich a chunk between two layers of the herb. This method creates the best flavor and is the easiest to smoke. Take it and sprinkle into some regular weed.

Mix it all up, roll it in a blunt, get stupid high. The trick is to tilt the pipe or bong slightly downwards. Moon rock buds are thick and oily and have to be broken up.

The greasy, thick texture of moon rocks can make them difficult to light. Use the dropper or spray bottle to cover the bud in the oil. After a few minutes of drying, these moon rocks are ready to get you stoned.

Handle your moon rock with care and place them on a hard surface so that the kief isn’t wasted. Since the stuff is sticky, it can sometimes clog pipes. Repeat until you run out of the ingredients.

Take one moon rock nug, place on the rolling tray. It is not recommended to smoke moon rocks weed by itself. Transfer the moon rocks onto a cooling rack and let them dry for a bit.

Tips for consuming moonrocks and sunrocks Let’s get one thing out of the way. Weed smokers looking for an extra kick in their smoking session can use a piece of moon rock along with their standard flower.

It is safe to say that you can smoke moon rocks any way you like— bongs, pipes, bubblers, blunts, joints with regular papers will all do the trick. The same thing goes for snacking. You have to sprinkle them on top of some marijuana flower.

Allowing it to dry place it on a plate and leave it to dry. My (and snoop dogg’s) favorite way of smoking moon rocks is by sprinkling them on top of ground weed. Step by step guide on smoking moon rocks.

A second method is to create a “landmine” by placing your moon rocks in between two ground up layers of bud. Moon rocks tend to be thick and greasy, and they will need to be ripped apart piece by piece and are difficult to keep lit. Whether it’s a bong or pipe, use some glassware for moon rocks because it’s not your typical flower.

Let the second layer soak in, then roll or dip the oiled bud in kief until no more will stick. How to smoke moon rocks. Whether you prefer to use a bong, pipe or bubbler, whatever glass piece you decide to use will be a better option than other methods of smoking.

If you try to smoke the moon rock right away, it’ll be too sticky and gooey to burn right. Moon rocks can be smoked the same way as most cannabis products whether it be in a pipe, bubbler bong and so forth. Joints and blunts are not suggested as the as it is very sticky business though it is still possible.

Whether it’s a bong or pipe, use some glassware for moon rocks because it’s not your typical flower. Depending on how much oil is present on the bud, the moon rocks may take a while to dry up. It’s thick and oily and rips apart.

Use your hands to spread the kief on the bud. Use a pipe, bong, or bubbler: After all, being slippery, moon rocks can be difficult to blaze up and keep cherried.

If you are going to smoke moon rocks, be sure you are in a comfortable environment and one that will give you a good vibe. This lets the oil soak throughout the bud and also gives the rock that crisp, compact texture that sparks fear in the hearts of regular nugs. Drizzle the hash oil on the nug.

Using the tongs, roll your weed in kief until it gets completely covered. We recommend that you do not use your grinder when preparing your grape moon rocks as you may lose a lot of kief in the process. Grape moon rocks are made from og kush bud, dipped in hash oil and powdered in kief!

How to smoke moon rocks the best way to smoke them is in a glass pipe or bong, sprinkling them atop a bed of flower. Smoking accessory (bong, pipe, etc) a lighter;


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