How To Size A Belt For Concealed Carry


As you lose weight, you work your way through the tighter notches as your belt has to be fastened tighter. The leather is nice and stitching is also very strong looking.

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This is a strong indicator that they’re not going to get the job done.


How to size a belt for concealed carry. You can adjust the pistol's position from 12:00 to 11:00 or 1:00 to prevent that. First, you need to select a handgun size you can shoot accurately. Here are the best gun belts for concealed carry.

The brown belt may not match the same brown as our g3 holster. This trick works as you'll ideally use the middle hole for fastening your concealed carry belt. Order a size 40 belt.

Most gun belts for concealed carry sag and flop down when you hold them up. Relentless tactical ultimate gun belt Carrying capacity is 17 rounds of 9mm.

Concealed carry belt stiffness tradeoffs. When it comes to leather, you really need to step up and get good quality. The 17 may not be for everyone, but you’d be.

Each belt is individually crafted and handmade in the usa and includes a lifetime warranty. Blue alpha gear hybrid cobra belt; If using your belt for concealed carry, or as a work belt to carry items on, we recommend buying 2 sizes larger than your pant size.

Our usa made gun belts are guaranteed to last for 100 years. If you’re looking for the toughest belt out there to carry a lot of gear or if you’re really rough on your kit…go for the bull belt. Galco makes some of the best holsters available on the market.

Free shipping on all belts plus free returns and exchanges. To help you out, this article is going to go over some of the things you’ll want to consider when you are thinking about or having trouble carrying a big gun. Finally, select a gun size that you can carry concealed with your chosen attire.

Now there are some tradeoffs here, so my advice is not to buy the stiffest ccw belt you can get your hands on and run it. The stiffer the gun belt becomes, the less comfortable it’s also going to be. Height is 5.43 inches, which is less than the standard 1911, and the unloaded weight is a manageable 25.06 oz.

Of course, carrying a bigger gun brings a different set of challenges that you face when you carry a subcompact or even a compact handgun. The practical belt will work well with virtually any concealed carry holster and will hold up to the wear and tear of daily use. 36 pants buy a 38 belt.

Ares gear aegis enhanced belt; No one will be able to tell it’s a gun belt. Second, ensure the caliber is sufficient to neutralize any threat you will encounter.

Therefore, you have an inch or two of room to work with, meaning you can wear a size smaller at the widest notch. A good place to start is a compact 9mm handgun. The sizing is also easy to figure out…add 2″ to your normal belt size.

Women's clothing presents some problems for gun belts. Hanks belts offers the best leather gun belt for concealed carry. Quality manufacturers of ccw belts clearly indicate how you should select the size of your concealed carry belt.

The building mechanism of this belt is extremely reliable. But if you want to be sure here are more detailed sizing instructions: Our belts are measured to the final hole.

Whether you carry an iwb or not we recommend selecting a belt that is your waist size plus 4 inches. The holster base has belt loops on the back, in either 1.5 or 1.75 widths depending on which belt you normally use. Hanks gunner concealed carry belt is a member of the famous manufacturer, hanks belts.

For use without carrying items on the belt, buy one size larger than pant size. The 1 ½ inch belt will fit will with all belt loops, making this a great option for everyday concealed carry. A good test is to pinch the belt from the short edges and see if you can bend it.

Make sure to carefully read the sizing instructions from the manufacturer so that you don’t make a costly error when you are ordering your new gun belt. You'll need a holster that can raise the height of the holster on the belt to make room for your fingers to get a good grip. This tank of a belt is 1 ½” wide and made from two layers of extremely rugged scuba webbing.

Combined with a glossy, thin belt, these are ideal for concealed carry anytime you need to dress sharp. For most concealed carriers just order the belt that is one size bigger than your pant size. These belts are 1.5 wide, and adjust in 1/4 increments instead of the typical 1 belt holes.

If a belt can go with your outfit, a 1.25 wide one is sure to fit. A good belt will resist. This puts this belt holster up high and tight to the body making concealment incredibly easy, with as little as an untucked shirt being needed for complete cover.

Measure your true pant size by threading tailor’s tape through your belt loops with your holster and any other accessories mounted on your pants! 36 pants, buy a 40 belt. It takes more than just ordering your waist size to get a belt that fits.

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