How To Rig A Fluke Bait For Bass

To one end, attach a large barrel swivel with a clinch knot for connecting to the main line. Be sure you allow the fluke to get down to the grass and work it much like you would a jig, up above the grass and down in it as you retrieve it in.

Capt. Al Lorenzetti's Ultimate Fluke and Flounder Rig

Gear used in this video.


How to rig a fluke bait for bass. Its so versatile because you can fish it aggressively as a topwater, moderately as a soft jerkbait, or ultra slow like a weightless senko or on a carolina rig. Thread the super fluke on the hook and secure it on the lure keeper or with a dap of super glue. This rig works in all depths of water.

Matt is on the water chasing a fluke bite (soft jerkbait) and the fish are chewing the double fluke aka donkey rig. You can use the magnuf super fluke soft plastic bait with different applications. Fishing the rig is quite easy.

Well, bass that are moving up to spawn definitely qualify as finicky, since eating is not their primary concern. The stink is the uric acid in the shark. I highly recommend using weighted hooks as shown in this video when using super flukes in shallow water.

Jerkbait fishing is great for catching bass throughout the year. Flicker rigs also work for other fish like walleye so the key for catching flounder here is the bait. The hook point has been inserted through the top of the.

Shown is a rigged single soft jerkbait, as it is normally rigged and fished for bass and for stripers. After waiting a few seconds, tighten up slowly and set the hook when the weight of a fish is felt at the end of the line. Matt catches a bunch of fish then sits down.

If i'm using a weight with my plastics, i would rather throw a worm or a lizard. By taking a nail weight and sliding it into the nose of the fluke you ensure the bait will stay nose down and kick up a little mud on the bottom. For this rig i prefer to allow it to slowly drag along the bottom.

I always fish them weightless. Put your fluke at the end of your carolina rig on a stout 4/0 gamakatsu offset hook texas rigged to keep it from hanging up on anything you might encounter. Snapper blues make a great live bait, but if you can’t find them you can also use whole squid, cunners, sea robins, or whatever else you can find (that’s legal of course.) the rig works best when it’s fished just above the bottom.

This simple trick could result in catching hundreds more fish over your lifetime! The pack of 10 fluke baits can be fished on a jig head or weightless. If none of those options are available, use a live shrimp.

Pay attention to the feel of your line, and give those bass a stout sweeping hook set when you feel them bite. This rig is designed to attract the biggest fluke in the neighborhood. How to use this rig:

Combine it with this new rigging method and its sure to help you load the boat this year! To rig the double fluke, robinson starts by threading a barrel swivel on his line and then tying another barrel swivel to the end of his main line. I have caught big ones on the shark when fishing around the reefs.

When you open a bag of sand shark bait hold your breath. At the opposite end, use a surgeon’s loop to secure the sinker. How to rig a zoom super fluke click on the video image below to see a quick tutorial on the most effective way to rig a 5″ zoom super fluke for more strikes.

Known for its versatility, “the fluke” is an amazing bait that has bailed its share of anglers out on slow days. With the 5 i use an ewg gammy 3/0, and rig it with the hook in the belly slot. You can also use this on umbrella or alabama rigs.

The berkley gulp artificial bait is a popular one or you can use a live mud minnow. These fish are smashing the double fluke rig! That's what i like to put the double fluke rig on.

Another is the carolina rig where you can drag your magnum super fluke along like a wounded baitfish. If you've never thrown a double fluke, its a great option for schooling bass. You're going to need a couple things.

So once i get that rigged up, then i'm going to rig up the double fluke rig, let me show you how i do that. Shop quality fishing gear at bass pro shops here The fluke's strength is it's slow, erratic fall that perfectly mimicks a dying fish.

Bait it up with your favorite fluke bait and drop it down. I'll give you fare warning. Rig your flukes up on a jig head and make casts around the edges and within the grass area.

Here are the steps to set up a chicken rig for bass: I believe this has a lot to do with its success. Making a slight adjustment in hook placement can cause the bait to dive, suspend, or jump out of the water.

Because of its streamlined design, the super fluke works great around vegetation and wood cover. As a weightless texas, you can rig a magnum so that it works whenever bass is schooling or in shallow water. On the 4 incher i drop down to a 1/0.

This particular model has a short split tail and is often referred to as a fluke bait, although it has nothing to do with the species of fish known as fluke (actually a summer flounder). This technique adds to the list of uses for the fluke, and turns it into a saltwater power fishing mainstay. One of the best baits for spring bass in this category (and one of our favorites) is the zoom bait salty super fluke.

You want to run your hook almost all the way through the soft plastic just like you would with a texas rig. Keep the bucktail bouncing and wait for the feel of some added weight. Probe it thoroughly with different patterns until you find the one that works for you.

You need the right hook. You're going to need two baits, these are your basic little shad, little straight tailed shad baits right there, work real well. The biggest fluke caught on fish tale 30 12lbs was caught on a sand shark bait.

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