How To Putt Better On Fast Greens

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In some instances, you could be playing a foot or more of break than normal. This is because the ball is travelling at a slower speed.

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Fast greens are another problem that require you to slow your ball.


How to putt better on fast greens. This technique tells you a lot about how your putts will roll on the green. Given a period of time to adjust, players of a wide range of abilities putt better on pga tour level greens over slower greens. Hit 15 or so putts before you play to geta feel for the speed.

Michael breed, host of 'the golf fix', is in augusta to show you how to putt on fast greens, just like the ones at augusta national. If you find you are pushing your putt to the right on fast greens it may be because you are losing your posture during the stroke. How hard you hit the putt is a big factor in sinking the.

3) walk around the putt. 3 jack percentage may be more because the first putt distance is greater on fast greens (ball rolls out. Putt to a target short of the cup.

This will help you to not only make a more consistent stroke at the ball, but also to keep an smooth tempo throughout your putting stroke. This means that there is a longer deceleration phase and more break. I will agree that players will make more putts from further distances on faster greens.

You may notice bumps or other rough patches when you crouch down to analyze the green closely. Minjee lee of perth, australia, has three lpga tour wins and is. An easy thing to remember when taking on fast greens is to check your grip pressure.

When putting on a downward slope, it is best to hit the ball with the toe of your putter. Putt softer on fast or bumpy greens. Try to keep the back of your neck still during the putt as this will ensure your head stays down.

The reason is that on slower greens you have to stroke the ball with more. Start each practice session by practicing green reading. When you are putting on really fast greens and you roll the ball more slowly, the side slope of the green will make the ball break more.

Get confident, and the greens on the course won't seem scary at all. 1 putt percentage may be more because players chip farther from the hole on faster greens (short sided chips are harder to get close on fast greens!). Increase the amount of break you play.

Finally fast greens break more than slow greens for the same slope. Grip down on the putter: Add more break for downhill putts.

Get it by shortening the distance between your hands and the putter head. If you notice that the green looks uneven, you probably need to hit the ball a little lighter than usual in order to avoid overshooting the hole. This will provide a better control on how the ball should roll.

Pay attention to what your feet tell you and take time to view the putt from all angles. 2 hours ago, lastings said: Watch 'the golf fix' mondays at 7pm et.

The faster the greens, the more control you need over the putter. Make sure it’s light and that you keep your muscles relaxed. Picking a target short of the actual cup can help to convince you to take a smaller, slower stroke.

Downhill putts with lightning quick greens will magnify the breaks, so you’ll need to account for it to turn even more when reading the putt. This will smooth out your stroke, slow your tempo and produce a softer hit. And now we are good and.

Look for high and low areas and sense the basic slope of the surrounding area. The most important factor in overcoming fast greens is how well you can control the ball. But for some reason, slow greens don’t generate as much fear in us, as do fast greens.

Here are some keys to learning to read greens. Giving the ball enough speed to roll past the cup on uphill and flat putts is fine, but not on downhill putts, especially when the greens are crazy fast. Maintaining posture is a key element to putting successfully on a fast green.

Take your time in making the put. Not playing enough break is not how to putt better on faster greens… so if the greens you play on are say an 8 on the stimp, and the faster ones you’re on, are like an 11 on the stimp, you’re going to have to play several more inches of break than normal.

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