How To Paint Baseboard Molding With Carpet


Run your 2″ masking tape roughly 1/2 an inch up onto the baseboard. To keep paint off the carpet, if you have carpet, i use a stiff paper, like card stock, and using a broad bladed putty knive, push the carpet down and slide the paper under the molding, overlapping the paper so there is no possibility of getting paint on the carpet.

Should You Install Baseboards Before Carpet? in 2020

3.) slide down the wall with your paint shield (or take your paint shield up, wipe it down with a paint rag) and start again!


How to paint baseboard molding with carpet. Run your tape onto the baseboard. I just got plastic baseboard moulding installed in the finished basement. Then, cut in along at the top of the molding using the tapered edge of the brush.

Unscrew and remove any vent covers or grilles that cover air ducts along the baseboard. Work on small sections of baseboard at one time. Apply paint to the middle of the molding to get some of the paint off of the brush.

Run the brush about 1/4 inch from the edge. At one end of a piece of baseboard, place the trim puller at the junction between the wall and the baseboard. 1.) place the paint shield in between the baseboard and the carpet.

The carpet has been dropsheeted, your painters tape is underneath the baseboard bottom protecting your carpet, and your baseboard is now ready to be painted! Determine how thick of carpet you’re dealing with, or how far the bottom of the baseboard is below the top of the carpet. Paint the bottom of your baseboard carefully.

Use a hammer or mallet to drive the trim puller and wedge it between the baseboard and the wall. Hold the painting pad vertically and press it to the top edge of the baseboard, then dip it back in the paint and paint the face along the same section. When painting along the carpet, block off a small, accessible section to start with (don't try to do it all at once).

The product description on the home depot website says that it is paintable. After the final coat of paint was applied, we let it dry for a few hours and then gently removed the packing tape. There are different kinds of problems you can encounter while installing the baseboard.

Then we used a scraper to push that extra half inch under the baseboard, and pressed the tape down against the carpet. So here is what i did to combat this annoying problem. Paint the baseboard, protect the carpet.

The paint should bead slightly above the brush's bristles. The oak will bleed through the breakthrough paint. Apply first coat of paint by starting at the top of the front of the baseboard, working you way down to the bottom of the baseboard.

This step may not make sense at first but bear with me. It was difficult to get the tape between the carpet and the baseboard, i would often times end up with a few strands of the carpet poking through that would end up painted. The tape would inevitably end up sticking to the paint and pulling off pieces of my nice new paint job.

Following the proper technique, fill the brush to no more than half of the bristles. First, make sure the tape is able to adhere to the carpet properly, without furling up. Once you’ve painted the top and middle of your board, dip your brush into the paint tray and tap it repeatedly to remove most of the paint.

What type of paint to use on baseboards and trim? What you’re doing is just getting the tape tucked in between the edge of the carpet and the trim. Use painter’s tape or regular masking tape and make sure you tape it properly to the carpet and tuck at least 1/4” of the tape under the baseboard to make sure that the paint can’t get into the carpet in any way.

You can also put a strip of 2 inch delicate work painter's tape on your trim before the carpet goes down. Continue all the way around the room and let the paint dry, then add a second coat of paint if the first one isn’t thick enough. Tips for installing baseboard molding on uneven floor here are some tips to correctly install baseboard molding on uneven floors.

After installing your baseboard you can paint or use putty to cover any hole on the baseboard to give it a seamless finish. If your baseboard is caulked to the wall, you will need to apply caulk remover first. Caulk edge and spot prime.

Of tape running past the carpet that overlaps onto the baseboard. Usually, this is about a half an inch. For the first coat, use less paint than you think you may need.

Draw the paintbrush in long strokes along the length of the baseboards. The trick is to get the tape between the baseboard and the carpet. As you overlap the strokes, try to keep a wet edge to prevent lap marks.

For baseboards on carpeted floors. Another thing that you can do is to use the slats from old metal blinds. Baseboard painting labor, basic basic labor to paint baseboards with favorable site conditions.

Roll / brush 2 coats of paint. Can i paint it di. 2.) paint with your paintbrush.

Gently tap against the bucket (or container holding the paint), to remove loose paint. I start off by using a shop vac and really getting all of the debris out of the first 4 inches of carpet around the baseboard. My advise, install the trim and doors first and stress to the carpet installers to be as careful as possible.

The putty knife makes it easy to line the underside of the baseboard with tape. It looks off white and different from the painted wood trim for doors and closets, so i want to get it painted with the same color. Dip your paintbrush into your paint and wipe all excess paint off.

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