How To Measure Windows For Roman Shades

Left side, middle and right side. Round up to the nearest 1/8.

Traditional but stylish roman blind set within window

Measure the inside of the window frame from left to right then inside top to bottom.


How to measure windows for roman shades. Measure top to bottom on the left, middle and right, adding 2 to 3 inches above, and below, the top and bottom of the window pane. But one thing to keep in mind is that roman blinds do take up space hence they’re recommended for places or windows which you won’t frequently open, close or handle too much. Write down the width measurement on your notepad.

At the left, middle and right side. Use the largest width and height for your order. The controls will be positioned behind the fabric unless a valance upgrade is chosen.

Always measure width (left to right) first and height (top to bottom) second Measure the height at 3 places: Enter the smallest measurement on your worksheet.

Choosing the narrowest width ensures the blind won't scrape the edges of the window and damage the blind. Determine the width of the roman shades you want to order. Measure from left to right and measure at the top, middle, and then bottom of the window.

Continuous cord loop is a popular upgrade recommended for larger, heavier shades. Document the longest length of the three measurements. Begin by measuring the width of the window.

Use a steel tape measure for accuracy, and provide all measurements to the nearest 1/8 determine if your window has sufficient depth to install as an inside mount ; This is your classic roman shade design. Begin by measuring the inside width of your window opening in three places:

For solar shades and vertical blinds, record the width at the top of the window only. After recording your three measurements, select the narrowest one. It is easy to adjust by simply holding the bottom rail and then gently raising or lowering the shade by hand.

Across the top, middle and bottom. This is the measurement you will use to order your roman shades. This option means the cords on your roman shades will be secured to wall or window frame, meaning your shades will have fewer cords on display.

Round down to the nearest 1/8. The cordless roman shade is offered in five popular colors including white, khaki, chocolate, navy and gray, and made to fit most standard windows. The top, middle and bottom.

An inside mount requires at least 1.5 of depth. Remember to always round the numbers to the closest 1/8 and, this time, circle the tallest one. This is because not all windows are built perfectly.

If you have window trim, simply measure to the far edges of the trim from left to right. If your window has no trim, we recommend adding two to three inches on each side of your window to provide light gap coverage and privacy. If you have any questions regarding how to measure properly for our products then please contact us.

When you order, enter the narrowest width. How to measure for inside mount roman shades you how to measure for inside mount roman shades you how to measure for window blinds shades steve s wallpaper how to measure windows for roman shades mycoffeepot org how to measure for inside mount roman shades you measuring your window for a roman shade drawn. If the measurements differ, select the smallest width measurement for your roman shades.

Measure to the nearest 1/8 inch or 0.1 cm. We recommend 1 ½” on both sides; When mounting roman shades inside the window, measure the window inside width and height.

If you have multiple windows next to each other in a room, measure each one! This is your ordering width. Measure the narrowest width of the three measurements.

Measure the height from the spot you marked to the top of the window sill. Ensure you have enough window depth, at least more than 2 inches. Measure the area you want to cover (how far you want the roman shade to overlap the window opening);

To see a full list of patterns available for this product, click here. How to measure your windows for roman shades how to measure your windows for a roman shade: The first step is to measure the inside width of your window.

Click on link below picture to view measuring video. Let’s take a look at how to measure windows for blinds, so you have a perfect new look for your home. Determine where you want the top of your roman shade to be and mark the spot;

You can also look for roman blinds that act as sheers too. Use a steel tape measure to measure each window section's width in three places (at the top, middle and bottom). This popular option provides a hidden control system that eliminates the lift cord on your roman shades and enables the shades to be easily raised or lowered with the touch of a finger.

This style is best mounted inside your window trim to minimize side light gaps. If you are getting a 1/16 or 1/32 increment, round down to the nearest 1/8. • they’re easy to clean and maintain.

We reduce 0.4 inch on the window width when making the window shades, shades height could be same as window height. Choose exact window width and height to place the order. (blindsgalore takes necessary deductions.) step 2:

Before you purchase blinds, you need to ensure you get the right size and design for your windows. Record the narrowest width of the 3 measurements down to the closest 1/8. Measure the exact height of your window opening in three spots along the left side, middle and the right side.

Roman shades are constructed on a solid piece of wood that will not give at all. For all other blinds and shades, use the longest measurement. Measure the inside of the window frame in three places for width:

How to measure for roman shades tips to getting started. If the bay window has pane dividers, use these as guides to keep your tape measure level while measuring. Fabric group 1 measuring your windows for blinds and shades is easy and we provide these measuring instructions to help make it even easier for you.

Use the smallest measurement if you’re measuring for sheer shades, vertical blinds, solar shades, or roller shades. Measure the height of your window opening in three places: So if you were to order your shade with a 36 inch width and the top of your window is actually 35 ¾, it is not going to fit.

Here are some pointers about roman blinds you need to keep in mind: Roman shades are not suited for humid or moist areas. Measure the inside width at 3 places:

When measuring blinds, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Our roman shades contain energy efficient properties and are made of 100% fine cotton.

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