How To Measure Chainsaw Guide Bar

Or, if you are unsure about the real length, you can take it off, and take the bar to the hardware store for replacement. Take off the spark plug and prevent power input

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How to measure chainsaw guide bar. Once you remove them, lay the chainsaw blade on a table. Apparently, you have to measure from the tip of the bar to the base that goes inside the other part of the chainsaw. This measurement will be showing the actual size of the chainsaw bar.

Count the drive links — count the individual links on the chain one by one. To measure it, just take a measurement tape and hold it to the end side of the bar and stress it to the base. Here is a short and simple guide on how you can measure the size of the guide bar and the saw chain.

That means base (where the bar attached with the chainsaw) to tip length is called effective range. To determine the chainsaw bar size, simply take a tape measure to measure from the motor housing body, down the length of the bar to the tip of the bar. He is a certified master naturalist, regularly monitors stream water quality and is the editor of, a site exploring the ozarks outdoors.

If it isn’t, don’t worry, we will explain it to you in our text. To find the called length of your chainsaw bar, measure it from its front tip all the way back to the cutter closest to the body of the saw. For example, a bar that measures 18 3/4 will actually have a called length of 20.

Once you open the case, you will have the bar exposed. When measuring chain saw bar length, take the distance between the tip and the protruding point at the chainsaw’s casing using a tape measure. How to measure chainsaw bar.

Many manufacturers include the bar length as a part of their model number. Learning how to measure a chainsaw bar is important and it’s a skill every chainsaw operator should know. Number of drive links, pitch, and gauge.

You measure the distance from the point where the bar first emerges from the chainsaw’s casing to the tip of the chainsaw bar. Keep the number from step three on hand to help purchase chain for the chainsaw. It’s required that you be so careful while doing this process of measuring the bar length of a chainsaw.

How to measure a husqvarna chainsaw bar That’s because chainsaw chains actually have three measurements: Start the end of a tape measure where the bar goes inside the main chainsaw body.

The bar of the chainsaw is the long metallic blade that the chain is wrapped around. This will give you how long the bar should be. And, finally, you can enter that estimation into the bar and chain selector tool to find the correct bar replacement for your chainsaw.

Then, round up to the next even figure. Take the measurement and record it to the nearest whole inch; The number normally falls between 12 and 20 inches.

To measure the length of the bar, you need to remove the screws or the fixing mechanisms of the chainsaw case. To measure this type of length, disassemble the chainsaw to remove the blade. From the one end to the next.

There is no reason to include the motor of the chainsaw because the replacement parts are usually for the chain and the guide bar. To measure the bar of the chainsaw is quite simple to do. The user end is the casing around the motor where the handle is located.

In a nutshell, here’s how to measure your chainsaw bar length: When you are measuring the chainsaw bar, it is actually easy. The called length is measured when the bar is mounted to the chainsaw, it is the part of the bar that’s used for cutting.

Take a tape measure and measure the length of the exposed bar, from the chainsaw to the tip of the bar. Blade and the bar are two terms that are both used to indicate the same item. If you want to know the length of the bar separately then you will have to detach it from the handle of the chainsaw.

Called length or cutting length. In fact, it is the length of the usable part of the bar, not the whole. The proper way for how to measure a chainsaw chain length is as follows:

If you plan to replace your guide bar, you have to know its actual size because if you. Lay the chainsaw on its side, with the removable face plate facing up. The chainsaw’s measurements are usually stamped on the right side of the bar, although this varies depending on the maker of the chainsaw bar.

You may need to round that measurement up to the next inch. Measure from the tip of the bar to where it enters the body for the cutting length. True length is the exact measure of the bar itself from one end to the other.

Use your tape measure to measure the entire length of the chainsaw bar, from tip to tip. To find the “length of chainsaw bar”, you’ll need to measure the front of your chainsaw to the longest distance to cutting tip. One easy way to figure out the length is by checking out the model number.

How to measure chainsaw bar. If it is, then there you have it’s length, pitch, and a number of drive links. With a measuring tape, you can now measure the entire length from one end to the other.

As it is difficult to measure accurately with a tape measure, you may need a vernier caliper to get this measurement. Just put the measuring tape at the end of the bar against the frame and measure the bar down to the tip of the blade. Now, measure its length from one end to the tip and don’t round it off as you’re looking for the actual measurement of the blade.

The chain gauge is measured in inches and will usually be in the manual or on the chainsaw itself. For example, it can be the first two digits of say a ten code model number. Well, the easiest way is to look if something is written in your guide bar.

Extend the tape until you reach the tip of the bar and record your measurement. In case you’re looking for a replacement bar for your chainsaw, you need to determine the measure of your bar. You are measuring the bar from side to side.

Then how do you measure your chainsaw guide bar length? Round to the nearest full number, and that’s the chainsaw bar length. Round this measurement up to the nearest even number in inches.

General chain lengths, like 18 inches, are not interchangeable. If you got a fractional number at the measuring time, then change the number to the nearest round number. To find the overall bar length, remove the plastic or metal casing on the chainsaw.

Once you’ve gauged, round to the closest inch to get your called length. You will need a socket driver and a wrench set to remove all the bolts that keep the cover of the chainsaw in place. You’ll remove the bolts using a screw.

Measure the area of the chainsaw where the bar comes out of the body. As you probably guess by now, you will have to disassemble the device to get this chainsaw bar measurement right. How to measure a chainsaw guide bar robert korpella robert korpella has been writing professionally since 2000.

Round the measurement to the nearest inch to know the cutting length of your bar. Round up to the nearest inch.

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