How To Measure Chainsaw Chain Stihl

Therefore, when you are needing to have a chain replaced on your chainsaw, it is very important to make sure and gather all of the necessary information that you will need that is regarding to the chainsaw, as well as the chain for it. Round the measurement to the nearest inch to know the cutting length of your bar.

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Using your socket driver/wrench set, remove the chainsaw's cover.


How to measure chainsaw chain stihl. For instance a 16” chain will usually have 66 drive links. Lay the chain saw on a sturdy surface so that it will not fall off and injure you. This number will likely be to the right of either the brand name or the drive link number.

For example, if your chainsaw read “.050/1.3,” this means that the chain’s gauge is.050 inches (1.3 mm). The popular chainsaw chain brands of carlton, husqvarna, and oregon stamp their brand and a number letter combination onto their chains. For saw sizes up to 42 cc

In a nutshell, here’s how to measure your chainsaw bar length: The other measurement you need is the full length of the bar. If you have the right measurements, the chain for the chainsaw will be easy to find.

Round to the nearest full number, and that’s the chainsaw bar length. To measure this remove the chainsaw casing and measure the entire bar. A chainsaw chain or a cutting chain is an important component of any chainsaw.

Measure from the center of one rivet to the center of the third one. Extend the tape until you reach the tip of the bar and record your measurement. From the one end to the next.

Mm = mini micro™ n = narrow (pmn) s = special Release the bar from its casing by removing the bolts holding it in place. Measure the area of the chainsaw where the bar comes out of the body.

This will give you how long the bar should be. How to measure your chainsaw bar? L = square ground chisel:

Stretch the tape measure from one end of the bar to the opposite end. For example, larger chainsaw bars work best with more powerful saws because it takes more energy to drive a chain around a long bar. Find the cutting length of the chainsaw bar by laying a tape measure at the very tip of the chain.

In this article, we will discuss the method of measuring a chainsaw chain. Lay the bar on a horizontal surface. Round up to the nearest inch.

When planning to replace your bar or chain, you need to understand the terms and measurements used. The proper way for how to measure a chainsaw chain length is as follows: Measure from where the bar connects to the chainsaw casing to the furthest tooth of the chainsaw nose.

Lubritec keeps your chain and guide bar oiled for less friction and longer life; The measurement of 2 feet chain or 3 feet chain won’t be effective as the gauge size and the drive links differs. That’s because chainsaw chains actually have three measurements:

Chainsaw chain brands stamp numbers and/or letters into their chains that can give you the measurements of your chain when combined with a table. To get this measurement, you will need to remove the chainsaw's cover completely. You are measuring the bar from side to side.

Not every bar or chain is right for every saw. .050, chain drive link count: In the simple sense, you can call it chain teeth that attach the chain to the chain bar.

Measure the distance between any 3 consecutive rivets that hold the chain assembly together. Just put the entire chain on a table and count the teeth! Number of drive links, pitch, and gauge.

Lay the chainsaw on its side, with the removable face plate facing up. Find the gauge of the chain by locating the number stamped on the drive link. To find the cutting length of the chain saw bar, extend your tape measure from the tip of the saw blade.

On.404 rmh) k = classic cutter design: The chain gauge is measured in inches and will usually be in the manual or on the chainsaw itself. Start the end of a tape measure where the bar goes inside the main chainsaw body.

Yet, it is a lot simpler to do it online and save some gas at the same time. So measuring the number of drive links is easy. Similarly, chainsaw chains are measured to fit certain bars.

The place needs to be flat for the chain saw to stay upright. When you are measuring the chainsaw bar, it is actually easy. Take a tape measure and measure the length of the exposed bar, from the chainsaw to the tip of the bar.

Or, if you are unsure about the real length, you can take it off, and take the bar to the hardware store for replacement. Keep the number from step three on hand to help purchase chain for the chainsaw. Ideally, the measurement you get should range between 12 and 20 inches.

Set your depth gauge and measure teeth at the front and back to check the depth and see if it is the correct height. This measurement refers to the gauge of the chainsaw. Determine the pitch of the chain.

While these numbers are usually indicative of the noted length, certain brands like stihl like to be different. Many folks travel to their local chainsaw expert with a sample in hand and explain what they need. Sign up for our newsletter to hear about offers, tips and upcoming events.

Measuring a chainsaw chain is the process of determining the gauge and the pitch of a chainsaw chain. General chain lengths, like 18 inches, are not interchangeable. Stihl uses a slightly different method as you can see above.

Stretch the measuring tape across the bar's entire length. In addition to determining the bar length of your chainsaw, you should be able to measure your chain’s pitch, gauge, and drive links. Fits several stihl chainsaw models including ms170;

Identify the number printed in both millimeters and inches. Measure from the tip of the bar to where it enters the body for the cutting length. You may decide to use a flat file to measure correctly and ensure that the teeth are of a similar height.

This measurement is the actual size of the chainsaw bar, which is typically 2 to 3 inches longer than the chainsaw measurement you took in steps 1 through 4. Switch the chain to the other side and file when you are done to sharpen both sides. To start, you should count the number of drive links that the chainsaw has.

Try to fit a chain onto a bar that's too narrow or too long, and you'll find that your saw simply won't. That's why electric saws use bars 18 and shorter. Measure the region of the chain saw where the bar protrudes from the outer casing of the saw.

Chains are usually made up of steel links that have been held together using rivets. Count the drive links — count the individual links on the chain one by one. In this video on stihl chainsaw chaps sizing, we will explain how to size chainsaw chaps for the proper safety and protection.

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