How To Measure Chainsaw Bar And Chain

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Now, measure its length from one end to the tip and don’t round it off as you’re looking for the actual measurement of the blade. Once you open the case, you will have the bar exposed.

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A longer bar will require more power from the motor, so you will notice budget saws have shorter bars because they use motors with less power.


How to measure chainsaw bar and chain. That’s because chainsaw chains actually have three measurements: How to measure a chainsaw bar measuring the chainsaw bar length. It brings out the hidden portion of your chainsaw bar.

Then, round up to the next even figure. You can measure the stretch or length of your chainsaw bar in two ways. These two basic measurement practices can sometimes be regarded as the real length or the true length.

Now, bring out the chainsaw bar. You’ll remove the bolts using a screw. The chain saw bar length means the entire cutting length, which is the top and bottom of the bar.

This measurement will be showing the actual size of the chainsaw bar. It is a straightforward process. Therefore, you have to choose the fittest bar and chain.

The proper way for how to measure a chainsaw chain length is as follows: Chainsaw chain length is another critical issue for the perfect combination of the chain and bar length. Round to the nearest full number, and that’s the chainsaw bar length.

Using your socket driver/wrench set, remove the chainsaw's cover. To find the called length of your chainsaw bar, measure it from its front tip all the way back to the cutter closest to the body of the saw. Now you are thinking, how to measure a chainsaw chain length?

To measure this type of length, disassemble the chainsaw to remove the blade. Exactly why you are doing it yourself. To measure the length of the bar, you need to remove the screws or the fixing mechanisms of the chainsaw case.

Once the case is out, measure the bar length from tip to tip. However, longer bars do exist and can exceed 24 inches. Measure the bar from head to toe using the measurement tape.

Or you can detach the bar too to have the perfect measurement. When you are measuring the chainsaw bar, it is actually easy. Number of drive links, pitch, and gauge.

At the same time it’s not that difficult; You either measure the cutting the length and the general dimension. To get this measurement, you will need to remove the chainsaw's cover completely.

How to measure chainsaw bar. This measurement is the actual size of the chainsaw bar, which is typically 2 to 3 inches longer than the chainsaw measurement you took in steps 1 through 4. It is a little bit complicated to measure the chain length than measuring the bar length.

Lay the bar on a horizontal surface. You can do it by keeping the chainsaw bar inside the machine. You measure the distance from the point where the bar first emerges from the chainsaw’s casing to the tip of the chainsaw bar.

3 chainsaw chain numbers for right size This measurement shows you the bar's true length. Take a tape measure and measure the length of the exposed bar, from the chainsaw to the tip of the bar.

The process of chainsaw bar measurement. Round this measurement up to the nearest even number in inches. In a nutshell, here’s how to measure your chainsaw bar length:

To preface, the standard bar lengths for chainsaws are 16, 18, and 20 inches. You will get the perfect idea about the bar length. This is the called length or cutting length of the bar.

You’ll typically find somewhere between 66 and 72 drive links on a chainsaw chain. This will give you how long the bar should be. The other measurement you need is the full length of the bar.

Count the drive links — count the individual links on the chain one by one. You'll be measuring the useable length of the bar, also called the cutting length or the called length. Measure the bar from end to end to find its true length.

To measure a chainsaw chain you need to find the pitch, gauge, and link count. Or, if you are unsure about the real length, you can take it off, and take the bar to the hardware store for replacement. Start your tape measure on one end of the bar and extend the tape to the tip on the other side to find the true length.

To determine the chainsaw bar size, simply take a tape measure to measure from the motor housing body, down the length of the bar to the tip of the bar. With a measuring tape, you can now measure the entire length from one end to the other. This information can be found on the information stamp on the chainsaw bar, through the numbers on the chain, or through measuring your chain manually.

It’s required that you be so careful while doing this process of measuring the bar length of a chainsaw. Once you remove them, lay the chainsaw blade on a table. Measure from where the bar connects to the chainsaw casing to the furthest tooth of the chainsaw nose.

You can't buy a chainsaw chain just matching with sufficient bar length. To determine the true length of your bar, use an appropriate wrench or socket to remove the plastic/metal casing at the back of the chainsaw. Round the measurement to the nearest inch to know the true length of the chainsaw bar.

When taking a measurement, you should round to the nearest even whole number. So, you must measure chainsaw to get the best performance of the machine. Take off the spark plug and prevent power input

Ideally, the measurement you get should range between 12 and 20 inches. Release the bar from its casing by removing the bolts holding it in place. Lay the chainsaw on its side, with the removable face plate facing up.

You may need to round that measurement up to the next inch. Pop the chain off the bar in order to count the drive links. You are measuring the bar from side to side.

From the one end to the next. More so, there is a wide range of deviation among each of them. To measure this remove the chainsaw casing and measure the entire bar.

Learning how to measure a chainsaw bar is important and it’s a skill every chainsaw operator should know. Stretch the tape measure from one end of the bar to the opposite end. Wear thick safety gloves during this step to minimize your risk of injury.

We’ll cover bar and chain measurements, the difference between true length and cutting length, pitch, rivets, links, and more, to help you replace your chainsaw bar or chain. The bar is often called the blade, and it’s the long flat piece of metal that the chain moves over as its making cuts. And you have to know what chainsaw can handle and which fits with bars.

General chain lengths, like 18 inches, are not interchangeable.

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