How To Measure Cabinet Door Hinges

Use a phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws pinning each hinge to the door. For doors 1 3/8” thick and 32” in width, the hinge height should be 3 ½”.

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This overlays, or overlaps, the cabinet door with the cabinet door opening.


How to measure cabinet door hinges. For drawer fronts, getting your measurements is largely the same. If you do not know how to start the tape at 9/16, then measure from the edge of the opening over to the off center mark and add 9/16. If it’s a little wider than this, up to 36”, then bump that hinge height up to 4”.

Open the door to measure again. 2) open the door so you can see the edge of the tape. Measure the width and height of the cabinet opening.

All cabinet door or drawer measurements can be made to the 1/16 of an inch. It will likely be ½ inch but, 1 inch and 3/8 inch are also not unusual. Simply turn the door around inside the opening to measure the back side.

Possible inset dimensions are 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″. Once you have your overlay measurement you can use our interactive hinge overlay guide to find and order the exact hinges, or hinge + mouting plate combination you need with ease. Here are some details to get you started.

To properly measure for an inset cabinet door (doors that fit inside the cabinet frame), measure the opening as instructed above and then subtract 1/8 from both the width and height of the frame to make sure the doors have the proper gap. After opening the door, look for the edge of the tape sticking out beneath it. Divide the width by 2 and you get 12 1/2 width for each door.

The first step of installing new cabinet doors is measuring. Measure the size of your overlay in 3 easy steps: The most common cabinet design has the doors slightly larger than the opening.

Measure the distance from one side of the hinge, across the hinge, to the other side of the hinge with a tape measure to determine the hinge width. We’ll start with a single door. Add 1 to the width:

The doors are 3/4 thick, so one door should be 3/4 narrower. The overlay is the distance from the corner wraparound part of the hinge and the barrel. For thicker doors around 1 ¾” and 36” wide, the hinge will need to be 4 ½”.

Process of measuring hinge size. When you list the size of cabinet door you need each of the edges should be ½ an inch wider than the opening of the door. Open the door to measure from the tape to the edge of the frame.

Lay the open hinge on a flat surface. A pencil will help you to put a mark that is later erasable. It is recommended to take a helping hand while following the measuring process.

You need to consider how the door will fit over the opening and “overlay” the area. Next, measure and mark with a pencil in 22mm from the edge of the door above and below each mark you have made and then join the marks together. You can also mark the door’s edge to measure overlay.

Make a pencil mark along the outside edge of the door on the hinge side. Add 1 to the height: How to measure door hinges:

Now measure the distance from the beginning of the curve to where the corner of the hinge would be if the hinge were square. Step 1 a simple philips or flat head screwdriver will do the trick. Hinges generally have at least 4 screws that come loose when turned counterclockwise.

Measure from the outside edge of the door to the point where the doors meet in the back ( left diagram a) and from the top to bottom (left diagram b) list lazy susans as 2 doors. The video shows this process. 30 + 1 = 31 height.

The sizes need to fit correctly. Simply make a mark along the side of hinge. 1) with the cabinet door in the closed position locate the hinged side of the door.

Remove hinges from the cabinet to accurately measure them. The hinge corner radius is either 1/4 or 5/8 inch. For doors, a lot of that has to do with the cabinet opening, door hinges, and the structural design of the cabinet.

Remove the middle hinge of the door Start your measuring tape of at 9/16 and measure to the line that is 1/16 from the center mark, this is your door size. It is the inside edge of the tape, closest to the hinge side of the door.

There should be a part sticking out of tape noticeable once you open the door. Therefore, you add 1/2 to each side and use the adjustment in the hinges to create the gap. You'll need to know the hinge's height, width and corner type if you plan on replacing your cabinet's hinges.

If wider, up to 48”, then scale up to a hinge height of 5”. Instead of hinges, your drawer fronts will have slides or glides that need to be considered. If you want double doors on a cabinet opening 24 inches wide by 30 inches high, here are the measurements:

Measure the distance between the pencil mark and the adjacent inside edge. We know the hinge needs 9/16 coverage. Measure and mark 2 points at 22mm in from the door edge and join them to define hinge cup position.

24 + 1 = 25 width. It should be somewhere below on the cabinet door. Some customers have told us that they were able to use a hinge made for a 3/8″ lip by shaving off 1/8″ of the 1/2″ lip on their door to give them a 3/8″ lip.

Below are two shots of two different 1/2 overlay hinges. This is a reference to how wide and tall the door is in relation to the size of the opening in the cabinetry. Close the cabinet door you want to measure.

The ordering width of a replacement hinge refers to the total open width of the hinge. Order two doors at 12 1/2 w x 31 h. To get the measurements, you will be needing a philips head screwdriver, a flat head screwdriver, a measurement tape, and a utility knife.

Take down each hinge you plan on measuring and spread them across a flat surface. Check out this video on how to measure cabinet hinges with the length/width method. Once you have located the hinged side of the door, place a piece of tape on the face of the cabinet and flush to the door in a vertical.

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