How To Measure A Saddle Seat And Gullet


To measure accurately, be seated with your feet flat on the floor. To measure the seat size of an english saddle, you can measure from either nailhead on the sides of the pommel to the middle of the cantle, or the end of the saddle.

English/dressage saddle (With images) Dressage saddle

Set the saddle down on a saddle rack so it’s positioned as if you’re going to ride it.


How to measure a saddle seat and gullet. If three or more fingers fit, the gullet is too narrow. However, instead of measuring straight forward to the front of the seat, with an english saddle you should run the measurement at an angle to the nail head or rivet visible at the front of the saddle skirt. You can see this last old saddle on the right is a true full.

The measurement of your thigh is the size of the seat you need on your english saddle. This number is the length of the saddle seat. Place your hand into the space between the saddle and your horse’s wither, using your fingers to measure the vertical space.

How to properly measure a saddle gullet on a completed saddle: As a rule of thumb, you want to measure across the font of the saddle level with the conchos as this is a pretty close indication of where the bars of the saddle are the widest. Be sure your buttocks are touching the back of the chair.

The gullet width should be about the same width of the wither's, approximately 2 below the top of the. Take measurement from this ruler to the lowest point of the seat. There should be approximately four inches between the front of your body and the fork (or swells).

Barrel riders usually take 1” less on the seat size. Step 1, place the saddle down with the seat facing upwards. Using a tape measure or a ruler, measure straight from the base of the pommel to the stitching in the seat.

To measure the cap, just measure from one side to the other. On either side of the pommel are nail heads. Chamber / gullet width measurement measurement taken from the saddle tree (for consistency).

The two most critical measurements on a western saddle is the gullet width and the bars. Go to just the base of the pommel along the stitching. Bars, cantle, fork and seat.

16” is for most men, 15” for most women. 16” trail rider = 15” barrel rider. (scroll down to see full guide) please note:

This is the width of the gullet. A good rule of thumb is that you need to have four fingers of clearance at the front of the saddle and certain clearance on each side of the wither. Many saddle makers in an attempt to correct this have made the gullet width wider but leaving the angle the same which just puts the pressure point lower down on the withers, causes the saddle to want to sit “down hill”and then you also can have a problem with not having enough clearence/gullet height.

The pommel is the front part of the saddle that’s raised, creating a dull point. Make sure the seat is facing up and is even to make measuring it easier.[1] x research sourcestep 2, find the nail heads on either side of the pommel. To measure the seat of an english saddle, place your tape measure or ruler at the cantle, the same way you would with a western saddle.

For your horse’s comfort, you must measure for the gullet carefully. Can be measured by placing a ruler or straight edge on pommel and top of cantle. It is connected to the cantle, the framework of the rear of the seat, by the bars.the angle of the bars determines the height and width of the gullet, the channel that runs the length of.

Go to the base of the pommel and measure in a horizontal line straight back. To measure the post and the cap, use a straight edge to measure from the bottom of the horn to where the cap begins. This involves measuring your thigh from the hip bone to the knee.

Be careful not to touch the saddle pommel when you measure the seat, as the angle of it will give you too large of a measurement. Once a saddle is finished, there is really no way to determine the gullet width. Hopefully this has helped clarify saddle fit and gullet size for western saddles.

Place your hand into the space between the saddle and your horse's wither, using your fingers to measure the vertical space. Place your tape ever so slightly below that joint on the inside of the gullet on the fleece and measure across to the other side in the same place. If you don’t have enough clearance between the top of the withers and the saddle, the front of the saddle is obviously sitting too low on the horse;

Kneepad height measurement measure from the base of the kneepad to highest point of knee pad. Keep in mind that western saddle seat size refers to rider fit and has nothing to do with how the saddle fits the horse. How to measure an english saddle seat the best way to measure for your seat size is to take the measurement of your thigh from your knee to your buttocks.

If fewer than two fingers fit, the gullet is too wide. Similar to sizing your seat, the measurement of a western saddle seat is different from an english saddle seat. The above image demonstrates how the bars flare out to accommodate with width of the horse’s back.

This is diagnosed in illustration b above. Your rump should rest on the base of the cantle, but should not be pressed against the back of the cantle. The bars of the western saddle tree.

>use the guide below to measure your leg and work out the best saddle seat size for the rider. On each of the front panels of the saddle locate the felt circles or dots. The fork frames the angle of the saddle over the horse’s withers.

The easiest way to measure for the appropriate seat size is to measure your upper thigh. The saddle gullet should span the withers, resting on the withers about 2 inches below their highest point and leaving a gap between the top of the withers and the bottom of the saddle. Choose the nail head on the left or right side to use as your.

Rigging is the method of safely securing your saddle to your horse for a snug fit. How do i measure a saddle gullet? Most gullet measurements are taken on a raw saddle tree and not on a finished saddle.

Peek between the skirts in the front and find the connection between the top of the saddle bars where they connect to the pommel. The gap should fit no more than two fingers to two and a half fingers. Trail saddles with high cantles (5”) make the seat sizes feel smaller.

The next part of the english saddle you’ll want to fit is the flap of the saddle. How to measure an australian stock saddle. Hold one end of the tape measure to one felt dot and measure straight across to the other felt dot.

This chart is intended as a useful guide, however your required seat size many vary depending on your body build, as well as the available length of your horse's back etc. Ranch (slick seats) usually ride smaller (1/2inch seat size) so they don’t slide around. Carefully turn the saddle upside down, exposing the panels and gullet.

Every saddle, no matter the style, is built around a frame called a tree. How to measure a gullet. The tree is composed of four parts:

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