How To Measure A Barrel Saddle Gullet

That is the one and only correct place to do it example. How to measure an english saddle.

Get your EasyMeasure Gullet Gauge from HorseEtc, we

Our saddles are built on our texas barrel racer tree that has a 4” cantle and various horn styles.


How to measure a barrel saddle gullet. In reality, seat size is just one factor determining the fit of a western saddle. The swell gullet width is measured from the point where the top of the bar meets the bottom of the swell and across to the same point on the other side ( see example a, a swell width of 6 1/2 ). You should see four felt knots embedded in the panels towards the front of the saddle.

6.25in gullet is typically used for horses with high withers. To measure the skirt length, use a tape measure and stretch it from the complete back to the complete front of the skirt. This will help us recommend the seat size.

I bought a cactus barrel shim pad with padding at withers to fill in the atrophie spots at withers but the different saddle with wider gullet still needs to be lifted up first before i pull saddle off as it sticks to his withers. Weight we have found the best solution to be setting the saddle on a stool which can stand on a weight scale, then subract the weight of the stool to find the weight of your saddle. The bar angle and rock are also very important to fit.

My saddle is pinching, i need a wider tree. Place the saddle on the horse’s bare back without a pad. This adds to the confusion.

If your horse has a narrow “a” shape, the saddle may be too wide. If you have a specific use for the saddle, we need to know. This is the most common factor because we can measure it more easily.

The gullet bridges the horse’s spine so it is an important part of the saddle design. The gullet width should be about the same width of the wither’s, approximately 2″ below the top of the withers. As you can see both of these are twins.

Peek between the skirts in the front and find the connection between the top of the saddle bars where they connect to the pommel. If the bar angle is too wide for the horse, it will pinch at the contact point. The distance between each side of the hanger will be your horse’s gullet width.

Gullet width is only one aspect of tree fit. *we measure from bar to bar on the underside of the gullet. If the gullet is narrow, it can pinch the muscles on either side of the spine which ultimately will make your horse’s back stiff or sore.

To measure the seat of an english saddle, measure from one of the ‘nails’ to the left or right of the pommel, straight back to the center of the cantle. Examine the angle of the bars The gullet width should be about the same width of the wither's, approximately 2 below the top of the.

Basically english (as used in traditional jump or dressage saddles ), australian or american. A leg/seat measurement of 18.5 to 20 inches (47.0 to 50.8 cm) equals a 15 in (38 cm) saddle. They measure the length from the tip of the last usable part of the cantle to one inch below the base of the horn.

This is the easiest measurement to keep uniform with all western saddles. Gullets that are too short cause the saddle to rub the withers. On the underside of the saddle, find the two parallel panels.

If you can vertically fit your whole hand between the bottom of the gullet and the wither, the tree is probably too narrow. As well as still has small dry spots on my horses. How to properly measure a saddle gullet on a completed saddle:

There are three different ways to measure saddles. Make sure there is enough clearance over the withers. Not from concho to concho.

A leg/seat measurement of 16.5 to 18.5 inches (41.9 to 47.0 cm) equals a 14 in (36 cm) saddle. Changed from a lynn mackenzie special to a martin with 8″ gullet. She can use the bars being spread apart quite a ways as she has the breadth of back to handle that.

Right here is where you measure the width from where the gullet goes down and meets the bar from side to side. A leg/seat measurement of 20 to 21.5 inches (50.8 to 54.6 cm) equals a 15.5 in (39 cm) saddle. Here are some things to look for when trying to measure western saddle tree sizes to match your particular horse.

Measure across the front of the fork, inside to inside. There should be two to three fingers space between the top of the wither and the gullet of the saddle. Sit in the same size of a variety of different styles and brands of saddles and you'll find significant differences in the fit.

Measure the distance between the two knots that are closest to the gullet on each panel. Whether your horse has a narrow or wide back, you should follow the below guidelines. Place your tape ever so slightly below that joint on the inside of the gullet on the fleece and measure across to the other side in the same place.

The gullet of a saddle is the channel that runs down the center of the underside of a saddle, in between the panels. Gullet width or sometimes referred to as bar spread is the measurement 2 inches below the narrowest part of the gullet, even with the side conchos. When measuring, make sure you’re underneath the bars, not in front of the saddle.

Some shops talk about the english measurement irrespective of the context of a stock saddle or an english style saddle. The techniques used to measure the seat of english saddles are similar to that of a western saddle. We saw this horse before the dl system was available, so we don’t know what she would measure.

A good example is the swell gullet width measurement. Now, everybody thinks that's a holy grail for a saddle to a horse. One can have bars set at an angle for an upright or steep profile with a gullet width of 6 ½ or bars set at an angle for flat or spread out profile with a gullet width of 6 1/4.

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