How To Make Kefir


Add 1 tbsp (ish) of the kefir grains and 4 cups of whole milk to a large glass jug. Start a new batch of kefir using left over kefir grains.

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How to Make Water Kefir Recipe Water kefir, Kefir, How

The ratio of grains to milk should always be 1 tbsp to 1 cup, and can be increased if you’d like to make a bigger batch.


How to make kefir. The most important thing about milk kefir is that you can make your own from the kefir that you buy from the store. After the milk thickens, you’ll have kefir you can consume and make more kefir with. Remove the kefir grain with a spoon, or strain into a new jar.

The first ferment is where you feed the water kefir grains a sugar water mixture. (save the extra water to store the grains in and place them in the fridge with 1 tablespoon sugar. Store this kefir in the fridge until you’re ready to make more.

Use in your favorite sourdough recipes. Ensure your equipment is dishwasher clean, or has been washed in hot soapy water, and rinsed well before you start. I typically use 2 to 3 tablespoons of grains for about 2 to 2 1/2 cups of milk.

Culture 2 to 3 days at room temperature or until it is bubbling and active. If the temperature is below 65f/18c, your kefir will take too long to ferment. Measure your grains and continue to use the ratio of 1 teaspoon kefir per 1 cup of milk.

How to make water kefir. Once all you have left in the strainer are the kefir grains, cover and refrigerate the strained kefir. These “grains” are not really grains, like wheat is a grain.

Put the milk kefir grains in a glass jar and pour milk over it. Place a breathable lid such as a towel or coffee filter over the jar and secure it tightly. Secure with a rubber band to prevent any bugs or dust from getting in.

These bacteria are what culture the milk into kefir. Add more water to cover.) 11. Put your kefir grains into a clean glass jar.

Cover the mixture with your chosen cover from above, like the coffee filter, for example. This will produce about 4 cups of kefir, so if you want to reduce the amount you’re making simply reduce the amount of kefir grains and milk you are using. Then, cover the jar and store it at room temperature for 8 hours before eating, or 5 hours if you don't want the flavor to be too strong.

Kefir grains are actually little bundles of probiotic bacteria. Anything above this will give a stronger tasting kefir that will ferment more rapidly. Store kefir in the refrigerator.

Combine 1 cup each flour and milk kefir in a quart jar. You can change the ratio of milk and kefir grains depending upon the flavor and texture you want. Start by transferring the active kefir into up to 4 cups of fresh milk.

To make thick kefir, you need an ideal temperature. Kefir “second fermentation” is when you ferment the kefir a second time after removing the grains to mellow the flavor (make it less sour) and add other flavors to the kefir if desired. It is produced when you combine milk with kefir grains and allow them to ferment.

To make kefir, begin by putting 2 tablespoons of kefir grains into a glass before adding 2.5 cups of milk. The starter grains are a combination of yeast, milk proteins, and bacteria. Most people add fruits for the milk sugars to feed on and flavor the kefir.

Place the kefir grain directly into a clean jar and cover with milk to culture a new batch. Use whole milk if you'd prefer a tangy flavor or skimmed milk for something lighter. If the temperature is higher, your kefir will ferment so fast that it will be harder to control.

Then strain both jars of the fermenting kefir into the third clean jar with the fresh fruit in it, straining out the kefir grains (set them aside) filling the jar to a ½ inch from the top. Cover the jug with either a few layers of paper towels or a few paper coffee filters. The beneficial bacteria and yeast in the kefir grains will start to ferment the milk, preventing it from spoiling while transforming it into kefir.

Add about a teaspoon of these kefir grains to a cup of milk, cover the glass, and let it sit out at room temperature for about 24 hours. To make kefir with raw milk, you’ll need some activated kefir grains. They kind of look like cottage cheese:) kefir grains are available in some health food stores, as well as online.

To make kefir, you need kefir grains, which are the starter grains. During this time, the healthy bacterias and yeast in the kefir grains will ferment the milk, preventing it from spoiling while transforming it into kefir. Just follow the instructions included in the packet.

Activate your new kefir grains before using them to make kefir. When you need more kefir, take 1/4 cup of the existing kefir (always save some from previous batches) and pour it into a clean, glass jar. I’m talking the hands, glass jugs, spoons, everything!

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