How To Make A Cloak With Hood

Line up the seam on your hood with the seam on the back of the cloak, and place a pin to join the hood and cloak at the seam. Leaving it in one piece just means that you have make allowances for the seam.

Long Hooded Cloak Pattern {FREE} Renaissance, Cloaks and

Fold the square into four equal sections.


How to make a cloak with hood. Hood top on a fold in a circular pattern; Measure a 30 x 15 rectangle in one corner of the fabric. The body part of the hoodie will be the basic shape of the cloak.

A living room floor works great. Mark this rectangle with your chalk and cut it out. Cut out the 2 hood pattern pieces and 2 lining pieces.

Cut a second piece from the lining fabric, identical to the first piece. Hood ready to sew on to your cape or cloak Now put them together, right sides inside and sew all around the front edge.

This will be the hood of the cape. Lay your yard of fabric out on a large space. Make the lining and the outer cloak separate, at this point you should have two separate cloak with hoods and capes.

Now it’s time the bring the lining and the exterior of the cloak hood together. With right sides together pin the hood lining and the exterior together at the front. How to sew the hood.

Make sure that first cut is only one inch though. Make sure that the right sides of the exterior fabric are facing each other and the raw edges of the hood line up with the top edge of the cloak. (you'll need to sew 3 straight lines, a slightly curved hood line and do a little gathering) fabric of choice (i used 3 yards of fabric for belle's cape.but 5 for my red riding hood cape) some type of cape clasp or button and cord.

Cut from the back of the hood, half an inch one inch in. Stitch/serge in place using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Do this by placing the fabric in front of you on a work surface with the wrong side up.

Be sure to leave the front and the neck open. Pinning the cloak hood fold the hood in half with the right sides of the fabric together on the inside and the reverse of the fabric on the outside as shown. Pin all along the full length of the cloak, around the arm pit, and down the full length of the sleeves.

Then, pin the rest of the hood onto the neckline of the cloak. With right sides together pin the hood lining and the exterior together at the front. This is easier to do when you tuck the lining into the hood, but just to make it clean how the two pieces come together i have it pulled out so you can see.

Match this up nicely then pin down the curved side as shown. If you are not , and if you are marking the pieces individually do remember to mark the pattern left and right. You could even make it longer with a really deep hem which you can let out as your child grows.

All you need is five yards of your favorite fabric (pick something durable and sixty inches wide), then cut out some basic shapes and follow along the sewing tutorial Cut off the material along this chalk marking. Hem the outer hood over top of the lining hood.

Sew/serge the hood lining piece the same way that you stitched the hood piece. For the hood, cut down two of the hood exterior on double folded fabric; Use the pattern as a guide and cut the fabric.

Decide how long you want your cloak to be and add about 5 inches to that for the shoulders and an inch for the seam allowance. Measure from the neck to the bottom to get the right length measurement; Get the curtains i bought these blackout curtains from a japanese store called nitori for about ¥4,000.

Sew the side seams and the sleeve seams. Cut two on the selvages (this should be pointy and sharp) cut another one on the fold; Draw a curved chalk line connecting the two corners next to the center corner, rounding off the corner opposite the center corner.

Note that the front of the cape should extend about.5 inches from either side of the hood. If your neckline is about 20 inches, the hood should be about 30 inches. You should now have a hood and cape, ready to be joined.

Cut three big pieces with straight selvage edge for the body part pf the cape Pin the hood lining and hood pieces right sides facing along the front edge. Place the hoodie on a piece of paper and trace around the edges.

I then cut around the outside of the hood leaving about 1/2″ for a seam allowance (note you do not need to cut the hood lining on the fold). Sew the back of your hood (and lining) up, like so. Then, every two inches as you did before.

So here’s how i made a fantasy cloak with a detachable hood using a set of curtains, embroidery thread, and some safety pins. This is a very thorough tutorial which shows you how to make a hooded cloak or cape without a pattern. Use chalk to mark the corner at the center of the original large square.

For now, let’s just concentrate on the actual cloak. And sew together using a.5 inc seam allowance. It’s time to sew the hood.

With exterior of the hood touching the right side (exterior) of the cape, pin hood to cape, using notches as a guide. See more ideas about cloak pattern, hooded cloak pattern, hooded cloak. Nest these into each other wrong sides together.

Joining the hood and cape. Fold the cloak and sleeves in half, right sides together, and carefully match the front and back of the cloak at the sides. Next, measure the length of the cape.

With right sides together sew the top and back of the hood exterior using a.5 inch seam allowance. It’s time to attach your hood to the cloak. Have the longest side running across horizontally and the shortest side going up vertically.

Pin the hood to the neckline of the cloak. If you want a hood on your cloak, you can worry about that later.

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