How To Layer Vinyl Cricut Iron On


To wash, turn your project inside out and tumble dry on low. I love this new line of vinyl with the strongbond guarantee.


Apply your everyday iron on first using the interactive settings guide.


How to layer vinyl cricut iron on. The cricut heat guide not only provides temperature and timing instructions but also if the material is warm or cool peel. Unicorns are all the rage these days. Make sure your base layer is cut from everyday iron on.

Start by applying the furthest layer in the design. Load your cricut mat once you have selected the corresponding material in design space. Try to place the vinyl with the hottest temperature setting at the bottom of your project if possible.

For the two projects, i’ll show you how to use registration marks. Starting with the bottom layer of your design, iron it on the shirt. Line your cricut iron on vinyl so it fits perfectly within the section you just sliced.

You can now layer iron on vinyl without having too many layers on top of each other. You’ll use a piece of scotch tape to tape your bottom layer down to your work surface. For the first one, we’ll make a coffee mug using adhesive vinyl and the second one, we’ll be using heat transfer vinyl (htv) on a tank top.

Once done with the bottom layer, cut off the transfer tape that was just used, but keep the diamond part and make sure to not move the tape positioned to your fabric around. It won’t be used until later on. This allows you to see your image in the upcoming steps.

How many layers of vinyl can you layer. To create registration marks, all you need to do is, create multiple copies of your artwork depending on the number of layers your artwork has. Use a cricut scraper or brayer to flatten the vinyl if needed.

I’m using this adorable unicorn, design space #m6d64911. Let’s make an easy project using four colors of iron on vinyl and the easypress. I like to do this so the bottom layer stays put while i’m working with it and adding additional layers on top.

Then i added the welcome in white glitter iron on and pressed for 30 additional seconds. This will create the two colored layers that you need to created layered vinyl on shirts with your cricut. Cricut explore air 2 or cricut maker.

We’ll be using these adorable macaron files i designed for fresh cuts! The registration marks help in aligning one layer on top of the other layer perfectly. Okay so this method to layer vinyl is actually really easy.

Just make sure it’s a hard, flat surface. Iron on each layer of heat transfer vinyl. The rainbow svg will be used to layer multiple colours of vinyl with the cricut on two different projects.

How to layer everyday iron + specialty iron on: Now we'll use a clean green standardgrip mat to cut our layers of vinyl. Your top layer can be any specialty type.

Press according to the cricut heat guide. After saving as a print the cut image, insert it into design space and place it in a corner of the canvas. Since this image has two colors, we will need two layers to cut with our cricut.

With this image, it is the black layer. Now you know the trick to layering vinyl and some extra tips, let’s take a look at those frequently asked questions when it comes to layering vinyl. If you want to layer specialty vinyl, use the “slice” method.

I will also show how to separate layers in cricut design space with this unicorn svg template example. Iron on the next layer and repeat the process until you are done. Using your iron or heat press, press the material into place (with a little bit less time than you normally would).

Remember, when cutting htv, you want to lay it shiny side down on the mat and always, always mirror your image before cutting. For instance, with this project, i put the yellow circle down first , since the batman symbol would be on top of that. Using a piece of transfer tape, start with your largest piece of vinyl for the stack.

Now, duplicate the first image uploaded that has only the outline and drag it to the bottom left corner. How to layer vinyl faqs. (if you don’t love it too, cricut will replace it for you!)

Apply the white layer next. My daughter goes back and forth between unicorns and mermaids on which is her favorite on a daily basis. Be careful not to mark the vinyl with the outline of the carrier sheets of the following layers.

Apply layers one by one, pressing for only 5 seconds. Use the full time recommended to press. The first time when i upload the image, i will save it to be the maroon layer.

Regardless of which heat option you use, easypress or iron, you need to wait at least 24 hours before washing. If you’re layering vinyl on top of each other i would probably stop at 3, maybe 4 colors. How long does iron on vinyl last?

With your black vinyl on the transfer tape, you are now ready to add your next layer of vinyl. You can do this by uploading the same image twice. Next, apply your specialty iron on according to the recommended settings.

Next, press firmly for five minutes with your iron on your hottest setting. To layer vinyl perfectly, we need to create registration marks before we start cutting. Only the last press will have the total number of seconds required.

Since everyday iron on can be layered, i just cut out the letters out and pressed the spring letters on first, for 15 seconds on 315. Layering regular iron on vinyl. Any other vinyl cutter you know how to use will work as well, but this tutorial shows how to use a cricut.

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