How To Hang A Dartboard On A Door


Measure in a straight line over the ground from the front of the dartboard 2.37 m off. Use the measuring tape to make sure that the bullseye is exactly 5 feet, 8 inches from the ground.

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Just hang on the back of any door and hang the dartboard at the correct height and you’re ready for practice anywhere, anytime.


How to hang a dartboard on a door. I cannot put any holes in the door. Cut any plastic ends off. Position the dartboard into the cabinet and slip the head of the center screw into the mounting bracket.

Hammer a nail into your door, place your dartboard on it, and call it a day. You can use a dartboard backing or cabinet for this if you’re worried about damaging the siding. Created by a dart player, for a dart player.

Keep up with your practice routine. Although it is simple to hang a dartboard, there are proper measurements and procedures you need to take to get the best experience possible when placing a dartboard on your door. You simply mount the dartboard to the wall at the correct height and you’re good to go.

Turn the dartboard on the ground against the wall. Set up the portable dartboard stand according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then you can move your plywood where you want.

This steel dartboard bracket is designed for steel tip dartboards only. You can shoot darts outside or inside. The bracket portion mounts on a wall.

An easier method is to hang the art as you normally would, from two picture hooks on the “d” rings of the frame. Dartboard height and hanging instructions: Hanging your dartboard on a door may sound simple.

If it is not, adjust the stand as necessary. Step 1, make sure there's at least 8 feet (2.4 m) between the board and throwing area. Simply hang it on your door and play darts.

How about if you have concrete or brick walls, a quick and easy way to hang your dartboard is using plywood. Allowing you to play darts at home or on the road. The standard way to hang a dartboard is by putting it on a wall or a door.

It can be hung on any door. If it is not, adjust the stand as necessary. You are able to measure the correct height for the dartboard and fix it to the plywood.

If the board is too loose, remove it, tighten the screw slightly and then remount the. Door hanger pro dartboard hanging system dart board bracket fixing. Don't just measure the width of your cabinet when.

Take a few steps back to make sure that the dartboard is hanging straight. Line up your dart board by keeping the 20 scoring area vertical as you place the dartboard into the wall bracket. I used an old duffle bag strap.

4.7 out of 5 stars. Designed for steel tip dartboard key features: Practice wherever you go, great for travel;

You measure this from the floor to the bullseye in the middle of the dartboard. If it’s an old barn or something, just throw the board up there and don’t worry too much about doing any damage. Fold over 1 end a couple times and screw it into the back of the board, or generally figure a way to attach the strap to the middle of the board.

Fits any standard door with it's unique adjustable slider, and can be adjusted in height for doors of different sizes. Hang the dartboard on the stand. You'll need about 8 feet (2.4 m) between yourself and the board, plus additional space to account for your arm movements while you throw.

Mark this distance with an oche, dart mat or tape. Just hang on the back of any door and hang the dartboard at the correct height and you're ready for practice anywhere, anytime. Draw the 2.37 m on the ground.

Portable door hanger pro door hanging system. 4.5 out of 5 stars. Hanging a dartboard on a door so after a decade of not playing, i'm getting back into darts!

Easy to hang, easy to remove, fits every door. If you have a door you can use, preferably an inner door, your are in luck. Get a length of nylon strap.

How to hang your dartboard: The bracket location depends upon how many you'll use; Make sure the disc is attached.

Hang the dartboard on the stand. This hanger lets you carry a dartboard anywhere. Dont leave home without one.

The screw in the back of the dartboard should fit nicely into the middle of the already hung bracket. Just in case a stray dart misses goes way off course, don't hang your dartboard cabinet near any valuable paintings or close to anything fragile.step 2, measure the wall to make sure the cabinet will fit when it's open. Perfect for the household that doesn't want to have a dart board permanently hung in your home.

I need some sort of bracket that will slip over the top of the door enabling me to hang the board and surround. 3 ways to hang your dartboard in an apartment upon purchasing your dartboard, the first thing that would come to mind is where you would like to hang it in your apartment. Use a pencil to mark this area on the wall.

The purpose of these little brackets is to add friction to the wall and keep it tightly pushed against the wall, so it does not spin when you pull out the darts or stay slanted at an angle. Hangs over any door (example of picture included) no tools needed If you want to stick to the official rules of darts, you will need to hang your dartboard approximately 5’8” high on the wall from the floor.

The back of the dartboard has a center screw and several metal plates that are placed around the edge of the board. Dartboards generally require a wide area with little to no furniture around it, as you’ll never know if your darts will miss and damage the surroundings. Once the brackets are mounted, align the board and drop it into the wall brackets.

4 sets dartboard mounting bracket wall bracket for hanging dartboard stainless steel dart holder dart display stand wall bracket and screws hardware kit replacement for mounting dartboard. Place the dartboard in the cabinet so that it hangs on the bracket. Turn the dartboard around so you are looking at the front of it.

Use the measuring tape to make sure that the bullseye is exactly 5 feet, 8 inches from the ground. Typically one for a dartboard or four for a cabinet.

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