How To Fish For Carp In Deep Silt


This is the method i use to find out how deep the silt is to do an accurately measure the depth of the silt get a carp rod and place an in line pike float on your main line them put a slider knot above the float to stop it travelling up the main line. If you drop free offerings on top of the silt the very first carp to disturb the feed will stir everything up and the heavy free offerings end up on the bottom below the silt.

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Layers of silt can be quite deep and although carp will happily root around through the substrate, it’s best to present your bait in such a way that it doesn’t sink out of sight.


How to fish for carp in deep silt. Leave it for a few minutes and retrieve the lead. E the top stop bead. These sink less quickly as a rounder lead, and if you cast them right they tend to flutter somewhat to the bottom.

Now you can create a fishing rig to suit the depth of the silt. Steve 'the apache' cliff gives us his carp fishing tips for tackling deep waters. Sand is the easiest bottom for carp to find our bait, and it’s also frequented by carp regularly.

A heavy, round boilie is likely to disappear, making it harder for the carp to access quickly and hassle free, unlike say a chop which will be more likely to flutter down and rest into the silt. Its easy to tell from a carp’s features and structure that the fish is designed to be a bottom feeder. The heavier the lead, the further it will bury into the silt.

Gravel, sand, and clay are what i would consider to be hard bottom compositions. Finding out whether you are fishing over gravel, silt or clay, and in shallow or deep water can really help you decide what tactics to employ. With some effort, the carp can be made to feed by inertia and in winter.

Another option, as you'v mentioned, is to use mikes terrapin type leads. If you measure the very dark section of the leader, you should be able to estimate how deep the lead weight dives into the silt bed. In order to get rid of this, you will often see carp ‘head and shouldering’ above the water before going back down onto the spot to feed some more.

This type of swivel provides a full 360 degree movement, so if a carp sucks at the bait from any angle, the swivel will ensure that the bait can easily move and be sucked up. However, it was never a case of find the silt and catch, as the fish could feed over any of these areas, but if i managed to find In the middle of winter when the lakes freeze sporadically, the bottom layer will always be at 4 degrees.

Carp tend to avoid deeper mud as it means that the rotten leaves, plants and poo have been gathering here for a longer period of time. Fish that are feeding deeply in silt often get large amounts of silt trapped in their gill rakers. That is why most fail with thick silt they try and fish on top of it, whereas the carp look for food in it and miss the baited rig on top.

Then he will start to feed again. There are plenty of tools out there to help you create a boilie chop, i personally use the ridgemonkey chopper tool. This is by far my favorite type of bottom to fish for carp in, and in particular, sand really shines here.

The best helicopter style carp rig for fishing on a silt bed. Fish will find the bait. The classic way of carp fishing over silt has always been to use some form of helicopter rig, because the lead will always hit the bottom first and the hooklink can be positioned further up the leader or mainline.

Spread of boilies from catapult or throwing stick and fish bottom baits or wafters into the silt. If they would be feeding there the bottom would have been clear. Keep a note of the exact areas the fish are happy to feed.

Not one or two little bubbles but plumes of them hitting the surface. The choice of bait is very important. If the carp did not find a power source in november, then it will save its energy and remain immobile.

Deep silt fish a heli, otherwise please yourself. The mud also shouldn’t be too deep because then our lead will pull the bait along in the mud. He shows us that using baits from carp fishing bait manufacturer sticky baits, and carp fishing tackle from korda can help you to catch big from challenging carp fishing waters.

If it’s not that deep i would be that worried the carp will feed in the silt happily, if not try a helicopter setup with a small pva mesh bag on the hook. Watch the water closely and take note of where you see fish really bubbling up. You only have to use a light lead in this situation as the lead in silt acts as a bolt rig (i tend to fish so that the running rig has only 6'' of play, and yes it is a safe rig!

They have large mouths with are slightly directed downwards and are perfect for hoovers up bait on the lakebed. As you get further into the silt there is less, little or no oxygen. Because some baits work better than others

Eventually the surface layers will chill and freeze, and in warmer periods the surface may rise a degree or two. If the lead plunges into the silt too far it may affect the sensitivity of bite indication, so to limit the depth try using a lighter lead if possible. Floater fishing tips elliott gray shows you how to catch off the the top!

Due to this many anglers are under the impression that carp only feed on the bottom which couldn’t be further from the truth. The lead has the freedom to plunge into the silt bed as far as possible without affecting how the hooklink rests on the top of the silt. With many anglers now opting to fish for carp before cutting their teeth on the smaller species, i feel that they can miss out on this experience and it can hamper their development as an angler.

Nice little trick 2 judge the depth of the silt you are fishing over is to attach a piece of white floss/wool to your set up(without the hooklength) tie the wool from the lead and secure it up ur mainline/leader with a double overhand knot(1ft should be enough as you should only be using light leads) then cast to the area u wish 2 fish in and leave for a couple of mins with rod held up in the air.on retreval of set up the white floss/wool will be stained at the depth the lead is pulling into. When fishing in deep silt or weed this bead should be at least 2ft up the leader, but for cleaner bottoms it can be much closer to the lead. Firstly, choose the lightest lead possible to get to the spot.

Then tie a lead to the white leader and cast it into the silt. Reservoir had mainly a silt bottom, around 70%, with pockets of bloodworm dotted around the silt. In this situation, the carp will remain until the level of light changes in february.

Fishing over silt can raise new issues for carp as they are constantly taking in foreign objects in the silt as they feed so a rig can raise less suspicion in comparison with fishing on a polished clean spot, but equally if you’ve seen carp feed, you will notice that they’re able to take in all sorts of detritus, pebbles and other bits, and they actually filter out the bits that they don’t want.

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