How To Drag Click Without Tape


There’s a youtuber named bedlessnoob that has mentioned how most people are just wasting money buying mouse grip tapes to drag click. In general familiarize yourself with.

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Read on to learn how to paint a room without tape using my favorite painting hacks!


How to drag click without tape. You could probably use the basilik tape with a logitech hero too. So i'm curious on how to drag click without constantly using tape. An angled brush gives more control, and allows you to easily follow along the area that you are cutting in.

Windows has a clicklock feature that lets you highlight or drag items without continually holding the mouse button down. It got too smooth to drag on after 3 months, however it main purpose isnt to help drag clicking to im giving it a 4/5. Today my new mouse (the a4tech bloody a70) arrived, which i had bought.

Under the buttons tab, select turn on clicklock. Get electrical tape (pvc tape) to drag. Soak the area in warm water and peel the tape gently when you untuck.

This may cost you accuracy though. In my opinion grip tape makes your clicks more consistent but less cps. And even in that specific video he mentioned that you dont need tape.

Can it register the cps wothout problems. You can drag click any mouse without griptape, and bedlessnoob gets 90cps with the bloody a70 and 50cps with glorious model o. Far from every mouse can do it.

Overall great quality and is even better than advertised 10/10 would buy again. (correct me if i'm wrong owl). Get some regular tape and stick it on ur mouse button.

It's getting really annoying to constantly use tape. Once the feature is enabled, briefly press down and hold the mouse button for the desired items. #razer deathadder v2 #drag click?

To drag, you want to put not too much pressure on it, but enough to click. I can drag click 25 on an office mouse easily, but better mice can help you improve by having a better, longer and stickier surface. The only problem with this is that it only functions on a few specific mouses such as the razer deathadder, steelseries and also apparently the roccat kone.

I find my middle finger easiest to drag on, but you do you. The most important thing to note is the pressure. I heard that the mouse buttons are too short to drag click efficiently, so is it possible to use drag clicking in a practical situation like breezily bridging

If you don't know what drag clicking is, it's basically a method where you drag youyour finger across your left mouse in a forceful manner causing your mouse to register a large amount of clicks allowing you to have a high cps without your mouse shaking too much basically giving you an advantage in pvp. However, your finger needs to be slightly sweaty/textured to get enough friction. I am trying to learn how to drag click, and i am having some trouble doing it.

Stretch your arms and fingers after practicing. Once the tape is wet, peel it off carefully and slowly to avoid hurting your skin. For example, i can't wake up and immediately drag click.

*******this tip can be used not only to drag click on office mice, but also to increase the drag click cps on mouses that already can do it! Sometimes you can improve your speed using your index finger and middle finger, or even your index finger and thumb. Try removing your pinky from the mouse to increase your speed.

Casually drag click like said above! Also drag clicking is a skill not pay2win because you have purchased a good mouse. I have the model d matte and i couldnt drag click without using tape (25cps) but then again my hands are very smooth you don’t need to waste money on the razer grip tape when you can use other types of normal tape i hope this helps.

I am just learning to drag click so. (i can drag click with out tape btw) 3 comments. Hey i have the roccat kain 102 i saw a video that said not to put tape on it for drag click but recently i see youtubers with the roccat kain 102 use tape is tape good for drag clicking on roccat kain 102??

Can it drag click out of the box without any tape. Go to the control panel, then mouse properties. It is very easy without grip tape if you are great at jitter clicking and butterfly clicking drag clicking is not so easy with model 0 without model o grip tape.

Original poster 5 months ago. You don’t need tape to drag click. Well, as you have guessed, put it on your mouse button.

My mouse is the glorious model o, and i have tried the method of putting tape on my mouse. One tip that will make it easier to drag click is to increase the angle of your finger by making it more vertical then horizontal. The g502 has a smooth finish and so it's kinda hard to drag click.

Unless you have an older g502 without double click prevention, it's not worth it. But after like 2 minutes, i can't drag click again and have to use tape. I drag without tape lol, tho i’d probably be better at it with tape but nonetheless you don’t need tape to drag click

Then practice your drag clicking from the back of the mouse button. If you get more cps on the grip tape, then you cant drag click properly or you suck at drag clicking. Cut a small strip of it.

Like i said, don’t put too much pressure so that it clicks when you drag. When i try to drag click, there is the sound of it working, but the cps is about 4. Im getting the model d soon (was going to get the model o but the model d is right handed) and im going to try to learn to drag click, anyone know of grip tape that fits the model d?

When the time comes to untuck, take a shower or bath, or soak the area with a wet washcloth. Anyways, i just put tape on the left/right clicks then take it off. Here is the list i would recommend for drag clicking.

The reason model o and model d mice got overrated for drag clicking was because bedless made a vid on it. The key to achieving a clean line when painting a room without using tape, is to have an angled brush. I'm able to drag click easily but it's after using tape to remove all the dust and debris off of my finger and button.

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