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A homemade cleaning recipe for stone that works well is to mix 1/2 to 1 cup of trisodium phosphate (tsp) with one gallon of hot water. Cleaning a working fireplace can get a little messy, so be sure to place down some sheeting to deal with any escaping ash.

How to Clean Fireplace Bricks Cleaning brick fireplaces

Adding used coffee grounds to the ash will limit the amount it can billow up, as well.


How to clean limestone fireplace youtube. Here’s everything you need to know to get that marble fireplace clean: How can you keep your limestone fireplace clean and in good condition? It is best to apply this to a clean surface, and due to the potential for ash and other debris, you should.

First of all, remove the dirt and ashes from the fireplace. Instead of using commercial cleaners, the best way to clean a limestone fireplace is to use a soft, cotton cloth dampened with a very diluted liquid soap. Here are the basics of how to properly clean limestone.

Wipe down the fireplace to rinse off any remaining vinegar. Dampen a microfiber cloth in the bucket of warm water. Ad stone touch is your complete source for floor care, maintenance and restoration.

Also, i do think there would be smoke and/or soot stains with wood burning fireplace. Like stains on other limestone surfaces, a fireplace stain can be treated with a poultice. Then mix a solution of equal parts lukewarm water and dishwashing soap.

It’s messy, but it usually does the trick. There are several products on the market designed to clean faux stone fireplace, but most of these contain chemicals.if you want to avoid chemical cleaners, and avoid buying a cleaner specifically for the job, then use the following products, which you may have in your home already. I wouldn’t use it nearly as much if it was a real wood burning fireplace.

Doesnt look like it was ever sealed. How to clean a limestone fireplace hearth? In order to properly clean limestone, you must follow a few steps to get the job done right.

Punch holes in the plastic to allow the poultice to dry out. Tape the edges of the plastic wrap down with painter's tape. Brush the limestone with a whisk broom to loosen dirt and grit particles.

Look specifically for spider webs. Use a mild soap and а soft, microfiber cloth because limestone has a highly porous structure and is prone to etching. Wring it out in a bowl or bucket of clean distilled water and wipe down the white limestone to remove any remaining soap residue.

Wipe the damp cloth over the soapy limestone to. Limestone is a very porous substance and it can allow dirt and stains to penetrate the surface. Cover the poultice with plastic wrap.

How to clean a limestone fireplace. Make soft, circular motions when cleaning the surface of your limestone fireplace. Use liquid soap in a very low concentration.

An easier solution is to use an enzyme cleaner. Start with removing all of the debris and loose dirt, either with a microfibre cloth or with a vacuum cleaner. Stick the hose attachment into the interior and turn the vacuum cleaner on.

To retain the natural beauty and whiteness of the floor, a ph neutral stone cleaner should be used to wipe out stains and dirt deposited on the limestone. Dunk a clean soft sponge in the remaining tsp solution, then apply it to the entire fireplace surround, making sure to wet both the stone and the grout. It heats the whole main floor in the winter and it’s so easy to put on (with just a flick of a switch on the wall).

Remove the poultice after 48 hours and wash the limestone. Dip a scrub brush in the mixture, then use it to clean the stones. Let the solution dwell for five minutes.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to clean up the inside of the fireplace. Scrub the limestone in a circular motion and not a strong, forceful back and forth rub. Dampen a clean cotton cloth in cold water.

Vacuum the front of the fireplace with a vacuum attachment to remove any remaining particles.


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