How To Clean Eyce Silicone Pipe

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Add in a generous amount of salt, just enough to scrub inside the silicone bong. The bright colors make it a perfect gift to your dear friend or loving partner.

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At 4.5″ long, these platinum cured silicone pipes offer comfortable mouthpieces and are easy to clean;


How to clean eyce silicone pipe. Apply eyce silicone cleaner to the body of your product. It’s a beautiful smoking device to take with you for camping, trekking, hiking, biking, or any other outdoorsy activity that you love. In 6 easy steps, eyce silicone cleaner can revitalize your favorite silicone products.

This bong cleaner recipe makes 1 cup of solution, so if you need more, just multiply the ingredients until you have enough. Freezing your silicone unit is also a great way to clean it. These eyce silicone spoon pipes are going to be your favorite smoking accessory.

do not use any alcohol solution on your silicone product, alcohol breaks down silicone and is not recommended. The eyce silicone pipe cleaner is the best way to clean all your silicone pipes and bongs without using harsh alcohol, which damages silicone. They suggest soap and warm water.

Dab the inserts with a paper towel and allow it to dry. Other innovations they added can be seen in this eyce silicone beaker bong. Just slide the top forward and light.

Find a container that your silicone pipe can fit snugly into. This silicone smoking pipe spoon also holds your poker and your material all in one convenient kit ready for any scenario. What’s more, you can use a brush and scrub the inside of the silicone pipe without breaking it.

Using paper towels or a dishtowel, wipe down your product to dry. Made in the usa, the eyce pipe cleaner easily removes residue and buildup while simultaneously cleansing your silicone products. Don’t let the alcohol drip outside the bong to protect the silicone coating.

No more aluminum bowls in your silicone hand pipe. The borosilicate glass bowls in the eyce spoon are replaceable. Lastly, we love how simple the genius pipe is to clean.

3 drops of dawn dish detergent. Alcohol and other glass cleaners are very harsh and can slowly break down silicone products; Freeze it over night, then bend and twist the silicone to crack out the residue.

Rinse your product to remove any remaining eyce cleaner and soap from the inside of your product. When you’re done, slide the genius pipe back into place to snuff the flame. Cover the carb hole, and apply heat as you draw.

Silicone spoon pipe silicone spoon pipes like this 4” pipe from eyce are handy and often come with a glass bowl for a clean burn. Shake for 5 minutes or until you get all the residue out. When nearly finished drawing, uncover the carb hole to clear the smoke in the spoon.

I went to the source (eyce website) and they specifically said that alcohol can break down and damage the silicone. Eyce silicone pipe cleaner (8oz) If at all possible, purchase a silicone cleaning solution from a company that specializes in cannabis equipment cleaning, such as formula 420 or eyce.

Just take the filter and bowl out and place it in rubbing alcohol for five minutes. It’s got a silicone diffuser downstem and has a secret stash beneath the base for. Also included is a metal poker tool that stands in one of the slots in the base of the rig for ease of use.

Eyce has brought they hype with this new product. Our cleaner is specifically created for use with eyce silicone products, but can be used with any silicone items. Enjoy your favorite legal dry herb in the glass bowl but still enjoy all the benefits of nearly indestructible silicone.

They also suggested freezing it overnight and then bending/cracking off the resin in the morning. Want to convert your eyce spoon into a durable, portable rig ready for concentrates? Add all the ingredients to a bowl and stir them together until they are thoroughly combined.

Additionally, there is a poker tool that fits into the neck of the pipe, in order to make clearing your bowl easy as can be! Grab a bottle of our silicone pipe cleaner today! Ensure your bong cleaner is fresh and steaming hot for the very best results.

You should clean the glass component separately. Grab yourself a 10mm glass collar and 10mm titanium nail for the perfect conversion kit. This hand pipe features not only a unique stash container under the bowl.

To clean one, you will need to remove the bowl and stem piece and prepare some cleaning solution prior to following the steps set out below. 2 teaspoons of white or apple cider vinegar. Silicone bubbler pipes work as a perfect replacement for any glass enthusiast.

Regular cleaning with eyce silicone cleaner will prolong the life of your silicone and maintain optimum performance. After removing solid material, pop the glass bowl from the body of the spoon pipe. But the eyce pipe has a glass bowl as well.

The great part is, there are many silicone pieces that work just like glass, for those who are worried about the transition. In addition to the built in poker, the eyce silicone spoon pipe features a built in stash jar and the bottom of the bowl.\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cul\u003e\n\u003cli\u003eindestructible design\u003c\/li\u003e\n\u003cli\u003ehigh quality glass bowl\u003c\/li\u003e\n\u003cli\u003ebuilt in poker tool\u003c\/li\u003e\n\u003cli\u003ebuilt in silicone stash jar\u003c\/li\u003e\n\u003cli\u003eavailable in several colors\u003c\/li\u003e\n\u003cli\u003elength: For best results use eyce silicone cleaner.

Using a silicone cleaner and freezing the pipe. This 6″ eyce silicone rig boasts thick, platinum cured silicone walls and stem cap. The eyce silicone pipe is easy to use, and one of the most durable spoons you’ll ever use.

Start by clearing out any solid materials from the glass bowl or silicone body using the accompanying steel poker (comes with every eyce spoon pipe). The metal or glass pieces are removable so you can wash them separately. Ensure the eyce spoon is dry before use.

Maintenance the eyce spoon can be cleaned with warm soapy water. Designed with a glass joint and a titanium nail for your concentrates this piece will give you clean healthy draws every time. Eyce has hands down created the best silicone spoon pipe on the market to date.

With water filtration very similar to most glass pipes, this is a perfect addition to any smoking collection. Also, this pipe doesn’t look like a pipe. Cleaning the inside is easy because you can remove the bowl from the pipe.

There are two ways to clean your silicone pipe:

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