How To Clean Diva Cup Stains


Tango on january 12, 2014: Over time, you may notice some discolouration of your juju cup.

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Dry your cup with a clean, dry cloth.


How to clean diva cup stains. Removing stains from a menstrual cup. There were a lot of great recommendations on how to get rid of stains, and the main one was to use hydrogen peroxide. Use rubbing alcohol or baking soda to remove menstrual cup stains.

You clean a reusable menstrual cup much in the same way you clean most other things. Take water and vinegar in the ratio of 9:1, that is nine parts of water and 1 part of vinegar in the bowl. While there are different methods and way to clean different parts, even sterilizing at the end of your cycle, the basics are easy.

Start by washing both of your hands and the cup with a mild, unscented cleanser. Use a toothpick to clean the holes, and gently pull out the rim of the cup and rinse under running water, to ensure all fluid and debris have been removed. It remove the whole thing and my cup is clean again.

When you start to notice staining that won’t go away on your cup, soak in a mixture of half water and half hydrogen peroxide. When you rinse your cup, remember to always use cold water to avoid staining it! I had the same problem, but i didn't try with the peroxide.

May 2, 2012 at 8:44 am Or try soaking it in a sterilising solution, if you usually boil it. You can use vinegar in two ways to clean and sanitize the cup.

Remove the cup after an hour. Use a clean toothbrush to reach out to areas like stem, rim, or air holes. The diva cup model 0 is firmer than other cups available.

Here are the steps for removing stains from your menstrual cup using vinegar. I read on the diva cup site before i bought mine that it will become discolored over time and that eventually i will need a new one. Place your cup in the solution for up to one hour to allow the vinegar to remove the discoloration from your cup.

Anywoo, in the past several months i have noticed that my diva cup is getting pretty stained. Leave your cup in there until it looks like new. Ensuring that you clean your cup properly, including the rim, holes, and stem, will help delay the formation of stains.

Store in a breathable material, like a cotton pouch, before next use. Mix some soap in this lukewarm water and then pour the mixture within the cup. The best way to get rid of stains on your cup is to use the lunette cupwipes.

Using isopropyl alcohol (or rubbing alcohol, like isocol) and a soft cloth to rub the surface of your cup may help to remove stains. If your cup is already stained, let it sit under the sun for a couple hours, or soak it in spirit vinegar or lemon juice and boil it for. That should help to lighten any staining.

Be sure you clean all holes and the rim of the cup thoroughly. Be sure to keep the cup in its case or bag to ensure it stays clean between uses. Let the cup be in contact with this mixture for a pretty 10 minutes.

Now, with your fingers or with an old toothbrush, scrub the cup gently. You can sterilize diva cups in the same way as you do for the other cups like lena cup or lunette cup. Avoid washing the cup with warm water first as this allows stains to set in, which will over time causes discoloration.

I was extremely fascinated to see the magic happen as you said it!! If the stain isn’t lessening with the boiling method, you can try a hydrogen peroxide solution mix. How to clean menstrual cups during use

You may need to cup the stem and insert the cup inside out to get a comfortable fit. Rinse the cup in this solution and let it soak for a minute or two. As an alternative, you can let your menstrual cup air dry on its side or in a dish rack.

If cleaning your cup in a public restroom, simply empty the contents into the toilet and wipe clean with a menstrual cup wipe or with some wet paper towel or toilet paper. Wipe both the inside and the outside to remove any water. If you have been using menstrual cups for a few years then this is perfect for you.

Generally, i leave it the whole month until next use, though. Vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, etc etc. I own my diva cup for 4 years and it looks like yours before peroxyde.

The best way to get rid of stains. Remove carefully from the water, using clean tongs, and dry thoroughly. I just exfoliate my cup with baking soda and coconut oil.

Staining does not indicate that your cup is unclean or needs to be replaced, however you may wish to clean the cup to remove surface staining. Once done, shake it off, and dry it with a clean tissue or towel. Always make sure to keep the cup off the bottom or sides of the pot.

Many forums recommend soaking a menstrual cup in vinegar or hydrogen peroxide solutions. Then i leave it at least overnight. Run the cup under warm water.

Use any certified menstrual cup cleanser or soap for daily cleaning the cup at least twice. If the staining bothers you though, clean your menstrual cup with bicarbonate of soda, using a damp cloth or an old toothbrush. Boil a pot of water.

This simple yet effective method is enough to clean your menstrual cup and allow you to easily clean and use it between rinses during your periods. How to sterilize diva cups? Lemon juice works well for stains too.

You can also soak the cup in 3% hydrogen peroxide or spirit vinegar. You want enough water to fully submerge your menstrual cup. Place your menstrual cup in the water carefully.

You can also use a soft brush to gently scrub at any stubborn stains and a toothpick to clean out the air holes if needed. There are other cups on this list that are better for teenagers learning how to use a menstrual cup. Boil a pot of water, and let the cup sit in the boiling water for no more than 10 minutes.

After i put it inside the cleaning cup, i then fill with cold water just to cover the top of the diva cup. Comes out pristine clean, good as new, every single time! Boil the cup in water after every session of periods.

You guessed it, 20 minutes! I clean it properly but i just can't get the stains out. Create a vinegar bath made of half (white) vinegar and half water.

Do not keep the cup for too long in such mixture as it might damage the cup. They contain only water and alcohol and are a perfect match for your cup! You can usually stretch the silicone carefully to wash these areas under running water.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get the stains and discoloration out or do i need to break down and get a new one? Use a paper towel or hand towel to dry your cup. Rub the rim and air holes precisely with greater care.

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