How To Clean A Gravestone Marker

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Be sure to locate the cemetery’s water source or bring sufficient water (at least a bucket) since it takes a lot of water to properly clean a marble headstone. Shiny surfaces can often be wiped over with a flask of warm water and a cloth or soft brush, when cleaning headstones.

How to Clean a Headstone The Ultimate Guide How to

A pump sprayer works best for most gravestone cleaning operations.


How to clean a gravestone marker. Always begin with clean water, a soft scrub brush, and plastic scrapers. Lots and lots of clean water. Supplies vary based on the gravestone material.

The tougher the job, the more elbow they apply. Let set for 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse with plain water. As with interior marble cleaning, soak the cemetery headstone with water before adding a cleaner.

This will scratch the stone’s surface and can attract mosses or algae. Best way to clean a headstone. Rinse the entire headstone/marker thoroughly, especially if using a cleaning solution, to ensure no cleaner is left behind.

Is the stone hot to the touch? One of the most important parts of maintaining a grave is making sure that the gravestone is clean. Rinse clean and now you may apply a granite revitalizer or polish spray from your local hardware store.

Stay on the polished sections only. Here, we’ll go over what you’ll need for marble, granite, and bronze headstones. Home centers sell various types with prices starting as low as $ 10.

In fact, for best results, just use water and elbow grease. If you notice it becoming dirty, you will. Ivory® dish soap or simple green®) and water as often as every 3 months and at a minimum twice a year.

Start at the bottom and move upward. If rain is predicted, wait to apply the product. Apply water/product to keep the headstone/marker wet throughout the cleaning process.

$20 plus cost of flowers; See more ideas about tombstone, gravestone, cemetery. Next, thoroughly wet the headstone, gravemarker or memorial using your sponge and/or by pouring water over the surface(s) you wish to clean.

Additionally, you can clean it by using a more aggressive scrubbing technique. If so, do not clean it with cold water. Supplies needed for cleaning headstones.

Forever remembered takes extra care not to damage the gravestone in any way. Use a mild soap (example: Gravestone cleaning service in bay county, florida, charges $40 to $90 depending on the size and type of marker being cleaned.

With a careful, gentle hand and a bit of elbow grease, you can refresh a headstone or grave marker making it easier to read and restoring some of the stone's beautiful finish as first created by the crafting stonemason. First, remove any loose dead leaves, old flower memorials, twigs/branches, etc., from around your loved one’s marker or monument. Learn how to clean a headstone without damaging it.

Agitate surface gently in a circular motion. With a smooth even motion the granite headstone stone will begin to look new again with most of the calcium buildup being scrubbed away. This simple act alone often significantly improves its appearance.

Also get a few soft bristle brushes. Use medium pressure and a soft, lint free cloth along with soap and clean water for best results. If a hose isn’t available, fill several buckets or gallon jugs.

Then, gently wipe down the surface of the stone with the sponge, using a brush for the tougher dirt. Make sure the marker you’re working with is secure and isn’t going to fall. If there’s any natural growth on the stone, like lichen, mix 1 part ammonia with 4 parts water and use a sponge to scrub the affected area.

Typical household cleaners, from soap to bleach, can be surprisingly damaging to your marker. A sprayer will use much less water then the old bucket and brush method. Professional monument preservationists usually start with just that, in fact.

Wetting flowers, grass, and foliage first will help protect them from overspray. Touch the surface of the gravestone with your bare hand. I only use soft bristle brushes to clean headstones and markers.

First, you’ll need some cleaning supplies to get started. Due to the natural ageing and weathering process, you probably won't return the marble or granite to its perfect original condition, however. If there is landscaping near the gravestone you plan to clean, spray them with water before starting.

Here are some examples of extra services these companies offer: Rinse the brushes frequently while you clean in order to ensure that you completely remove the debris. Some people add a little liquid detergent to the water.

For optimal cleaning, check the forecast for the chance of rain occurring within the next 4 to 5 hours. The best way to clean a grave marker is with the help of water and a soft bristle brush. Next, wet the bronze gravemarker with clean water and scrub gently using a soft bristle brush.

Be gentle and avoid using harsh scourers or brushes when gravestone cleaning. A few gallons of water should be enough for a single grave marker, church said. For the harder to reach areas—for example, around the lettering—use a wet toothbrush to get into the nooks and crannies.

Completely saturate the stone to be cleaned with water. Remember — you want to remain safe throughout the process. Then there are the “extras” you can offer to boost your income.

Many cemeteries have water faucets on the grounds visitors may use. Do not use just any cleaner on your marker: Safety glasses and gloves are an optional precaution.

How to Clean a Headstone The Ultimate Guide Headstones

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