How To Catch Redfish In The Winter


One of the easiest and most effective ways to catch redfish during the winter months is slow bumping shrimp off the bottom in shallow water creeks. In fact, you will often catch bigger redfish in the winter.

Fishing Bass Spawn in Janurary?? Grec Hackney on Winter

The bait is then presented back to the structure in a very natural manner as it drifts with the tide.


How to catch redfish in the winter. A simple spinning rod and reel setup is fine. Pop the cork two or three times, and then let the cork sit still. Look for the fish in sandy potholes, and make long casts to not spook them.

Fish the shallow creeks and flats after they are flooded. This presents three opportunities to locate and catch redfish. Repeating this technique should get you some bites when targeting these species of fish.

In cooler months, cut bait or lethargic live bait often works best. Though not as many redfish are caught during the fall as the spring, the big redfish fishing in louisiana is approaching its peak. 10 redfish tips and tricks.

For the most part, this is fairly basic fishing. Sight fishing clear, shallow flats is one of my favorite ways to target redfish. You can use live shrimp or live crabs.

Catching redfish in the summer. The big redfish you find during the fall will move into wrecks and reefs deep underwater, around 60 to 100 feet, while smaller redfish can be found in shallow estuaries and creeks. Crabs (for redfish) will be better in areas where there are tons of pinfish or other bait stealers.

Line and leaders for redfish. Catching redfish in the winter. Anglers in boats will position themselves just up current from the area to be fished.

“the strong current washes bait across the shallows over deeper sections, where big reds wait to ambush baitfish.”. Schindler looks for a sloping shoreline with some grass or shell beds on it. Fish will follow the rising tide as it enters these areas.

Redfish will go to deeper water in the evening, night, and morning for a much more stable water temperature. Because of the delta's pristine habitat, redfish are amazingly abundant during the winter. Fish the creek or flats entrance as the tide rises.

Live bait such as live shrimp, mud minnows, or small baitfish like mullet or menhaden shad are all used to catch redfish. If you want to catch trout and redfish in the winter between cold fronts, hit the shallow flats near deeper water. The redfish most often will attack when the cork’s sitting still.

For bait, try to match what the fish are naturally feeding on. Catching winter redfish on jerk shads. Redfish feed all year, so it’s easy to catch them in the winter.

What to know about redfish fishing during the winter. One key to catching redfish during winter days lies in finding warm pockets of water, often in deeper zones. The exit from the creek or flat is another hot spot as the tide falls.

Mud minnows can be fished the same way. The important tip when fishing in winter is to work the bait using a slow retrieve. The biggest challenge fishermen will experience during our winter fishing is staying on top of where the fish are at any.

Catching redfish in the winter. Catching redfish in the winter. But in these conditions the fish are extra spooky, so you need a lure that won’t scare them off.

Another feature to locate is any change in the bottom of the flat. Additionally, in situations where the fish (redfish specifically) are super dormant, fresh cut bait allowed to sit on the bottom will produce fish. Retrieve the spoon slowly to keep them in the optimal strike zone for as long as possible, redfish will not pursue the bait since they don’t want to burn a lot of energy.

They school up in larger groups and seek out anything they can consume to fatten up for winter. Work the bait around deep water docks, canals, or banks by reeling periodically allowing the bait to travel up the water column and then let it sink back down to the bottom. Sorry this content is for subscribers only.

Catching redfish from a pier. “my best spots tend to drop off from 8 to 30 feet,” he says. Rods and reels for redfish.

(i'll go more in depth on how i fish creeks in the methods section). It’s hard to fish for reds during winter because like other fish, they tend to be lethargic. Since redfish move less during chilly winter months, you will want a slow retrieve, and this means you want to keep the bait in the water as long as possible.

You can have a great time with winter fishing for reds, but you will need to think about how redfish react to the cooler temperatures throughout the day. Mirrolure’s catch 2000 is a great subsurface bait for winter. Winter is on the doorstep and the big redfish can sense it.

Catching redfish in deep pockets during negative winter tides is about as close as you can get to shooting fish in a barrel. Catching redfish in the spring. Weather can play a huge factor this time of year, but it is the best time to catch redfish especially large bull redfish.

But a frigid winter morning also can mean perfect redfish time for capt. In warmer months, go with live whitebait. To catch redfish from a pier, equip yourself with the proper equipment and bait.

And this is important because calm areas are easier to fish since there is less wind drag on your line so casting and feeling bites is improved, and it’s easier to hold to a spot once fish are found to catch more (redfish, snook, and trout often hold in schools in winter months). How to catch redfish in the heat of the summer. They’ll be up there hunting for injured baitfish and shrimp, so using a jerk shad rigged on a weighted hook is a great way to catch them.

There are a few things you should know to maximize your winter success. Catching redfish in the fall. Have any questions about catching redfish in the winter?

Redfish often travel along these changes in depth. Live shrimp are fished under a float or on a jig head. In these areas he’ll use both sinking and topwater offerings to catch the reds.

And winter is the best time of year to do that because the water is the clearest. Sheepshead, black drum, redfish, flounder, grouper, snapper, and snook will all be found in these spots.

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