How To Catch Lake Trout Through The Ice

Fish fast, cover water, apply the right lures to the situations at hand, and you’ll see. If you have a handy checklist of the basic tackle and gear to use, it can make your fishing trip preparations quick and easy.

How To Ice Fishing Brood Stock Rainbow Trout How to Catch

Trout can just as easily be patrolling along at only a couple of feed below the ice.


How to catch lake trout through the ice. These are all excellent ways to catch lake trout in small lakes in the winter. Once he got the fish back below the hole, he handed the rod off to covell. That makes learning how to ice fish for trout an ideal activity for a winter fishing trip.

Select the right tackle & gear. The author with a heavy lake trout from lake granby in colorado. As winter progresses, though, usually in february, a midseason lull begins.

In order of personal success: Bring a spud bar, rope, ice picks, and a buddy. As is my custom, i would jig one rod for five or 10 minutes, then lay it down, walk over to the second rod and jig it for a similar length of time.

Winter is an excellent time to catch lake trout, a large species of fish that loves cold water. If you haven’t switched over to braid yet, try it. The first lake trout i ever caught was the fish pictured above.

Catching more lake trout through the ice. I spool an ice fishing rod and reel up with four pound test ice fishing line. The right hook set with the right line can mean more lake trout.

The mackinaw is available in eight different models, all specifically designed for targeting lake trout through the ice. Lake trout are some of the toughest animals encountered by ice fishing. If you’re targeting lake trout, also nicknamed lakers, here is a list of 21 tips to help you catch a lot of them.

Make sure that if you are using several different rods that you vary the depth at which each is being fished. Depth is doubly important in winter. Hook a bulldogging 8 pounder and your arms will tire bringing it up.

I was ice fishing for lake trout one time in thunder bay in lake superior, and had augured two holes in the ice about 40 to 50 feet apart. This option is available to anyone in a state that experiences cold enough winters for ice cover. 1/80 ounce to ⅛ jig tipped with maggots, worms, mayfly, or nymphs works great.

Expert advice for catching lakers through the ice. If you are using larger spoons you can put a full minnow on because it won’t mess up the action of the lure. In lakes where smelt, ciscoes and other forage cruise the middle of the water column, on the other hand, you need to fish that magical depth with matching baits to be successful.

You're more likely to find a good supply of lake trout in a deep, cold lake than in a shallow, warmer lake. Tips on ice fishing for trout. Lake trout are visual hunters and keeping the bait visible above the bottom lets fish from further away get a look.

Hook a 25 pounder and your arms, back, and knees will scream for mercy. Setting the hook on a fish that is 50 feet below is much more efficient and effective with a no stretch line. In lakes such as southern ontario’s legendary lake simcoe, you’ll find the trout on the bottom when you also find invasive round gobies scurrying around like mice on an abandoned farmhouse floor.

Blue chrome, pearl white, clown, glow. Minnows are the best bait if you’re fishing big rainbows in larger lakes. The jason mitchel mackinaw big fish series by clam is an excellent ice rod for targeting big lake trout.

Jigging spoons are the best all round lure when targeting brown trout through the ice. Absolutely nothing works better, day in and day out. Early in the ice fishing season, lake trout can be caught in a variety of depths — typically from 20 feet to 60 feet — but often into water approaching and exceeding 100 feet deep.

Use big baits to catch giant lake trout through the ice when i looked down the hole, i was shocked. Dubois fought the huge lake trout for a few minutes as it nearly spooled him twice. A strong wind from the west can push the ice out into the middle of the lake.

Check around your region to find out the best places to go trout fishing, or ask local anglers where the deepest spots of your local lake are. Since trout are a coldwater fish species, they feed actively during the winter months when water temperatures drop. Lake trout like to spend time where it's colder.

More fish monday heads to ontario to show you how to catch more lake trout! Jigging can also catch trout in the winter. When fishing in the winter, jigging small baits through the ice is the best way to catch trout.

Keep an eye on the wind as well. Press alt + / to open this menu. You won’t catch high numbers dropping these oversized baits, but when you do get a bite, you better hang on.

There was the gravelly bottom of lake granby barely 3 feet below the bottom edge of the ice. It is usually tipped with a head or tail of a lake shiner. Use big baits to catch giant lake trout through the ice.

Set up a lead shot about 16 to 18 inches above your bait. Try smoke or gray shades in clear water, green lines in green water or where there is bottom vegetation. Probably the easiest way to catch hatchery trout under the ice is to fish powerbait trout bait paste on a stationary line.

A good approach is to set a bait like a night crawler or something similar at about 2 or 3 feet below the ice and then you can actively jig at varying depths from 3 feet down. December 12, 2016 · more fish monday heads to ontario to. It is common to find lake trout fairly deep underwater, specifically in a range from 40 to 60 feet below.

But there is much more to the story. Blue chrome size 5 (2″), pearl white size 7 (2 3/4″), clown size 5 and glow size 7. Start out by assembling the gear you need to go ice fishing for trout.

For ice fishing, you can use a pretty simple line setup to catch rainbow trout. There are many ways to do that but i normally follow a basic procedure. While you can catch small lake trout through the ice, the two species of trout we will focus on in this section are brook trout and rainbow trout.

If i had put this list together 5 months ago, jigging raps wouldn’t have even made my top 10 list for lake trout fishing, summer or winter. The word “mackinaw” is another word for lake trout, and these rods were designed for one specific purpose. Across many fisheries, braided line has dominated winter lake trout fishing because of the depth.

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