How To Catch Flounder In Florida


Find an area of shoreline that is close to an inlet or pass that has some sort of current break in the middle of the channel (an island or sand bar are perfect for this). But it’s one of the easiest to catch from shore or while wade fishing.

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You’ll find flounder (also called “fluke”) anywhere there is a sandy bottom, since they lay flat on the bottom.


How to catch flounder in florida. Florida fish and wildlife conservation commission • farris bryant building 620 s. Before you land the flounder. So when you get close to land, be patient and slowly gain distance with the fish and avoid any sharp motion that can provoke the fish and make it jump and escape the hook.

Flounder spend most of their time in bays, estuaries, bayous, and other inshore waters. The first, of what i hope to be big numbers of flounder, are starting to show up and i for one, would like to catch my share of these delicious flat fish. Flounder are found in abundance in cooler waters along the muddy, sandy bottoms of florida's coastline.

You could probably drag a snuff can on a hook over the bottom and catch a flounder. Find the bait, find the flounder. The number one artificial lure by far is a jig as it can be worked on or close to the bottom where flounder feed.

Often times when a flounder hits a lure or a bait the hit can be difficult to detect. Florida is lucky because our water temperatures don't get too low and many flounder can still be caught around the inlets and passes during the winter months. He may swim 10 feet or more to his safety zone before trying to swallow the bait.

Anglers flounder fishing in florida will do well with a couple simple rigs. With larger baits, give the flounder about a five count before setting up.fs. They are not hard to catch!

Flounder move out into the gulf of mexico and the atlantic ocean in the winter to spawn so you might have to go offshore 30 or 40 miles to find them during the cooler months. The gulf flounder is usually smaller than the southern flounder. Here are a couple of styles that have worked for me in past years and will certainly work for me this year.

Depending on whether you fish inshore flounder near flats and grass or offshore along bars, reefs, and wrecks, you can catch flounder best in the late spring and summer months. When you feel that pressure the flounder usually has the bait in his mouth, holding it in his sharp teeth. Big flounder are taken mostly with live fish as bait.

And chokepoints near structure such as mangrove trees, oyster bars, grass, or docks will attract more bait. You can tell that it is a gulf flounder because of the 3 prominent eye spots on their backs. Best known for their unusual flat shape, florida flounder remain one of the tastiest fish species that can be pulled from florida's fertile waters.

They don’t fight that hard. The slower you fish your jig the better and don't twitch it so hard that it bounces off of the bottom more than 12 inches. Published florida sportsman magazine september 2013

The trick to catching more flounder is to not set the hook right away. Ray markham traveled to florida’s central east coast to catch this gulf flounder, the species is also common in markham’s home waters of tampa bay, on florida’s gulf coast. Slowly bump the bait along the bottom and when it crosses the path of a flounder, they will have a hard time denying the bait!

Flounder are caught in florida by anglers using both live bait and artificial lures. Doug olander / sport fishing There are two kinds of flounder in florida.

Set the hook when you feel the least bit of pressure. Flounder fishing does not need to be complicated. Be patient when dragging your catch to shore.

Finger mullet are favorites everywhere. During this time, flounder are feeding pretty much all day with the abundance of food items and juvenile fish in the water to munch on. Aim low because the water will bend light down, making the fish appear a little further away than it actually is.

Locating them is more like locating grouper. There are several ways to flounder fish. Light saltwater boat tackle also does the job.

Flounder inhabit nearshore waters from maine to the gulf coast. Flounder are an amazing fish both in the water and on the table, and if you're looking to catch the big ones, this article will show you the best baits for catching big flounder in any season. The best flounder fishing spots in florida run from the jacksonville area to the central florida coast.

The southern flounder does not have distinct eye spots and grow much bigger than its cousin the gulf flounder. How to catch migrating flounder. Flounder is one of the most often overlooked fish in florida saltwater.

A good bottom machine with the ability to note hard bottom areas and sand or grass is key. The flounder is able, somehow, to escape the hook just a few moments before reaching the shoreline. You wade through shallow water at night while the fish are stationary and spear them.

Let’s just say this outright, this is not a difficult fish to catch. How to catch a flounder fishing florida the best way to catch a flounder is with a 4 inch berkeley gulp shrimp or a swimming mullet coupled with a 1/4 ounce up to a 1/2 ounce jig head depending upon the water depth. Would you like to catch some flounder.

Everyone has their own favorite lure for flounder. As far as when to catch flounder, it’s all about current. Just remember to keep the lures close the bottom (either bouncing them or dragging them along the bottom), and use the lightest jig head or weighted hook possible while still staying on the bottom — this will help your lure look more natural.

You can also catch flounder by gigging, which is essentially spearing the fish with a barbed spike. Along the gulf coast you'll find hot fishing in both louisiana and texas. You can catch flounder on live bait, but artificial lures will help you cover more ground and quickly find where the flounder are feeding.

The best flounder fishing on the east coast takes place in new jersey, north carolina, and florida. When it feels like the retrieve is slow enough, it should be just a little bit slower. When flounder are migrating the best time to catch them is during slack tides and the slower ends of an incoming tide.

Their sweet, mild taste and firm texture make for an amazing meal whether stuffed or baked.

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