How To Apply Beard Oil And Butter

If the product butter or balm is solid, you can use your palms to rub it until it melts so that you can easily spread it evenly across your beard using your fingers. Benefits of our beard butter.

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You dont want to apply beard butter to a dirty beard.


How to apply beard oil and butter. Make sure your beard is completely washed, cleaned and dry before you apply your beard butter. There isn’t as much shea butter or wax in beard oil as well. Here are 3 ways to get the best of both worlds.

For that reason you do not. It is important to note that it is not a replacement for your beard oil which will help keep your skin from flaking and itching. Apply in an even manner to your beard, working in with care and massaging into every follicle.

It’s important to get the oil to the roots of your beard to help keep it healthy and strong. Brush or comb your beard and be cool. A quality beard butter will serve to condition your beard while beard oil takes care of your face.

Rinse & dry your beard. Using your fingertips, scoop the amount of beard balm or beard butter that you want to apply to your facial hair. Generally, a beard balm is compromised of butters and oils like shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, jojoba oil, argan oil, etc.

Moisturizes, conditions, softens, strengthens and adds a slight shine to your beard. Our easy beard oil recipe takes just a few minutes to mix together. You should grab a reasonable amount of the beard butter.

Think about how much of a beard you have, but don’t over do it. Using the dropper on our beard oil, pour a few drops into your palm and rub your hands together, paying particular attention to getting the good stuff between your fingertips. The major difference between beard oil and beard butter is that skin tends to absorb oils much faster.

To start off with i recommend dispensing a few drops (around the size of a 5 pence piece) into the palm of your hand. Start with making sure that your beard is washed, cleaned and dry before applying your beard butter. Afterward, get the lump of butter on your fingers and start spreading it by rubbing your hand together.

The same rings true for those that want to achieve a certain style that requires more beard butter. Work the oil into your skin before spreading it onto your beard. Use the applicator to drop only directly onto your beard hair and let it soak into your skin.

Start applying the beard in an upward direction so that your skin also gets moisturized. A small amount is enough to tame your beard. At this point if you apply a beard wash you’re incurring maximum damage by exposing the underlying layers of your beard to the drying chemicals found in most washes.

The balm adds additional moisture and tames stray beard and mustache hairs, and even adds a touch of shine. Take a good amount of beard butter with your fingers and put it in the palm of you hands. The best base is shea butter combined with carrier oils and essential oils for fragrance.

That is a good amount for most sizes of beards. This will not only soften your beard hair, but will also moisturize your skin underneath, keeping it healthy and happy during the growing process. Beard butter is generally comprised of oils and kinds of butter.

Then take a small amount of beard butter to apply on your beard. Great for giving your beard a more natural look. Beard butter can be used to style and condition your beard.

Balms are usually solid, waxy substances. Beard butters are similar even though some can have the consistency of a whipped butter ( always bearded ). Diy, homemade, beard oil preparation time:

Beeswax will control the thickness or hardness of the balm. Using your fingers, rub them from bottom to top, neck to cheeks to get oil down to skin. The butter works in conjunction with the oil to lock in the benefits of the oil.

However, the rule of thumb is the bigger or bushier the beard, the more you should apply. Wash and dry your beard before applying beard oil. How to apply beard oil and wax together.

Once you’ve poured the oil, spread it evenly on your palms and fingers. After you shower and wash with a proper beard wash, gently towel dry your beard and apply the oil. That doesn't mean oil is just for newbies.

How often to apply beard oil without overdoing it. Massage upward into your skin and beard. Continuing from the application of the beard oil, you can apply beard butter to your facial hair.

In addition, they usually have a hardening agent in them like beeswax. Work the balm through your beard with your fingers and then use a beard brush or comb to distribute it evenly. You will apply the butter to your face and massage into your beard.

Rubbing will heat up the product and nourish your beard easily. Rub your hands together until it melts, then rub it in evenly into your beard. The main difference between each type of product is in its texture.

Beard oil is not water based so does not evaporate, it does get absorbed by the skin and hair though. The bearded goon’s beard wax is formulated with tree resin, in addition to the usual beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter, to keep your beard in place all day long. Just remember to keep things simple and use the ingredients that will be best for your skin and hair.

Using beard butter and beard oil together is a common practice for men with a beard longer than an inch. Reduce the amount of both Your diy beard oil recipe can follow our process with different ingredients.

Scoop out a small amount sizing to your finger nail or by determining how much you need depending on length or thickness of you beard. Make sure to rub the butter before applying. Apply beard oil, balm, or butter.

How to apply beard oil: Now apply a beard conditioner that is meant to seal the hair and lock in moisture, which sounds good except you just stripped most of the moisture out with that wash… Rub the oil directly into your beard and skin after getting out of the shower.

Beard butter should be applied daily for styling and moisturizing purposes. How to use beard butter. Learn more about our beard oils.

You need to soften them in your hands before you apply them to your beard. Your next step is to apply beard balm to your beard and mustache. A little goes a long way when it comes to beard butter.

To apply beard oil pour out a dime sized amount of oil into your hand rub between your palms. Apply beard oil first then followed by beard balm or beard butter. Adding more beeswax will make the balm more like a solid and less will make it.

But how can you use them both without overdoing it? Surely you don’t want to use beard butter on dirty bear. How to use beard oil.

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