Diy Ripped Jeans With Razor


Using a seam ripper (you can get one at your local dollar store), razor blade or sharp and pointed scissor, carefully pull both sides of the seams to reveal the thread holding both pieces of fabric together and cut the threads. This will create the uneven hem.

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Diy distressed boyfriend jeans #diy #ripped #jeans #with #razor #diyrippedjeanswithrazor turn your old pair of jeans into a cute, trendy pair of distressed boyfriend jeans with this diy distressed boyfriend jeans tutorial on how to make ripped jeans.


Diy ripped jeans with razor. Yes, we are a generation who pay for stuff like this. Draw lines to mark where you want the top and bottom of the holes you want to make. So don’t get into this loop.

This helps to loosen the fibers in the jeans and make it easier to rip. ♥ an exacto blade (or any other sharp blade/knife) ♥ a dremel (if you don’t have one, you can try using heavy sandpaper, a pumice stone, steel wool, or a dull razor) ♥ chalk. Grab a pair of your favourite black ripped skinny jeans outfit and combine it with a lumpy grey jumper.

Just scrape the razor or press the sandpaper back and forth until you get the look you want. Adding a pair of brown boots will make for a complete alternative look. After cutting, you might want the look frayed a bit, so get your cheese grater ready, or sandpaper and steel wool.

Cut alongside the marks you have been able to make on the jeans. Chose the kind of ripping you want to give to your jeans and then mark it clean and clear. You only want to cut the threads up to the second line you have created.

One style of ripped jeans that we really want to highlight is the raw hem style at the bottom. This then creates small gaps and the perfect base to complete the last step. It is just the best way of doing it.

Just take a razor/blade and start scraping it on the part of denim you want to fray out. To achieve this look, you’ll want to make your marks at where you want them to fall and then cut them clean at this location. Focus on areas that would wear.

Using a piece of chalk, mark the areas on your jeans you want to rip, specifying the size of each future gap. How to distress jeans with a razor 9 s pictures. It is also considered that fraying is the easiest and fastest way to make your denim ripped.

You have yourself a ripped/distressed jeans. Doing this will certainly give your denim a more rugged look. Pay close attention to details and take your time, because in order to do it right you should do it slowly and carefully.

Then cut a piece of cardboard that will fit inside one pant leg. Jeans, shorts, jackets and you name it—they are all ripped! How to distress jeans with a razor 9 s pictures.

A sharp knife, a razor or scissors, for instance, might work perfectly if it’s a hole you are creating. Without it, you risk going overboard with the ripping or, on the contrary, giving your ripped jeans an unfinished look. Start fraying the jeans with sandpaper.

Measure again and then cut Marking where you want to distress your jeans will be easier when you're wearing them. Here’s a tutorial that will teach you how to cleanly distress denim with a razor.

You can also get a feel of where the jeans would wear down naturally, like around your knees.[1] x research source any pair of denim jeans will work, as long as you don't mind altering them!step 2, use a washable marker to mark where you want to distress. Diy high waisted distressed denim how to make ripped jeans in 5 diy methods how to distress jeans with a razor 9 diy how to distress your denim the 52 diy ripped jeans how to make. Pull the thread apart to make natural holes.

You can use scissors, a razor, or a sharp knife. Diy distressed boyfriend jeans #diy #ripped #jeans #with #razor #diyrippedjeanswithrazor turn your old pair of jeans into a cute, trendy pair of distressed boyfriend jeans with this diy distressed boyfriend jeans tutorial on how to make ripped jeans. Place on a flat surface and cut.

Use a variety of different tools. Use bobby pins to make smaller holes. You can also use the items to make frayed patches on the jeans.

Another thing you can do to make them distressed is taking a darker shade jeans and bleach or sandpaper it to fade it out; Once you’ve done that, the rest of the process is pretty much identical to what we’ve already done. Now using a pocketknife or razor blade, cut along the drawn line, then cut another line and ¼” below the first line.

Take this diy ripped jeans project. Take your regular jeans and add a few rips, shreds, scrapes, frays and fades to it. This choice of colours draws from a single palette.

We cannot point to who started it, but it was part of the grunge fashion movement, but now they have practically taken over. Take the jeans and carefully fold the fabric in half where you draw the line and then start cutting carefully. Step 1, put on your pair of jeans.

Using tailor’s chalk or marking pencil, draw a line on middle of your knee. ♥ a pair of jeans. To make it seem worn out or distressed.

Next place the cardboard inside one pant leg, and situate it under the first drawn line. This diy ripped jeans can be made by making a mark on the jean while you are wearing it. ♥ a piece of cardboard (foam board will work too) instructions:

This is the most important step in this diy process, this is a place where most beginners screw everything up. Make a small hole and then cut along the line towards the inseam. We know you have plenty of jeans piled up in your wardrobe.

Start marking to rip/distress them. Let’s start with the basic ripped jeans diy kit. Before you start cutting up the jeans, use the sandpaper or steel wool to start rubbing and thinning out the spot you want to rip up.

Grab your tweezers, take your hand behind one of the strips of fabric that you cut, and start pulling on the bottom edge of it until the short, vertical threads pull out. Of course, the most important item on your diy ripped jeans items list is the pair of jeans. For this next part, you’re probably going to want to move to a hardwood or tile floor, if you can, because it’s about to get messy.

Lay the jeans flat and start rubbing your marked areas with your sandpaper, steel wool, and the pumice stone until the denim starts to really thin out and look worn. This is an essential step: It will slightly alter the colour of the jeans and make them easier to be ripped.

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