Diy Noodle Board For Gas Stove Top

These boards add just the right amount of decorative element to your kitchen and will increase counter space. I made mine 1/2″ shorter, making one of the boards 5″ wide, rather than the standard 5 1/2″ of a 1×6 board.

I love this display when the stove top is not in use

How to build your diy noodle board.


Diy noodle board for gas stove top. Please make sure your stove is electronic ignite vs pilot. Mark holes with a sharpie attach handles. Next, measure your boards to see how many you need to cover your surface.

For the next steps i used decoart's americanadecor texture dimensional acrylic paint in meadow green and metallic deep bronze. Most stoves (not all) are standard width, but they can sometimes vary in depth, especially if it’s got controls on the back like mine. 5 out of 5 stars.

A stove cover makes for great extra storage in your kitchen. Make sure to make your interior dimensions of your cover big enough to fit over your stove. I began with fence pickets i found on the side of the road one day.

Then curbs or handles can be made from scraps of 2×4 and screwed from the bottom of the backer board. The board provides your stove with a decorative elegance. Stove top cover or noodle boards are amazing for electric or gas glasstop or coil stovetops.

The boards have felt pads attached underneath to help protect your electric range from scratches or scuffs. These boards will catch fire! Buy a small piece of “hardy backer board” or cementicious fiber board for tile underpayment.

Custom gas stove top cover, noodle board, raised burners. We have several to choose from, inside or outside your home. Glue and assemble the stove cover.

Depth of 1 side board + depth of 1 side board + width of middle board = total width of stove top The finished dimensions will be 30″ wide and 22 3/4″ deep. They can also be placed on a gas stove top (not recommended if the pilot light stays lit).

Create or buy a stencil. Just make sure they will catch the 1×4 board below. We create unique home decor, personalized signs for your customers.

Find out how to make your own in this easy to follow tutorial. This is where those math skills come in. This is a handmade solid wood stove top cover or noodle board that will be an amazing statement piece in your home!

Apply wood glue to the back of your 1×4’s. Do not place on hot surface immediately after cooking. This noodle board is built using the standard dimensions of a freestanding range.

Most gas stoves can hold these. I would be especially careful with this, do not lay the noodle board on a surface with a pilot light or a hot surface. 1.if you are not planning to prep food you can seal a noodle board with regular clear coat.

Also use extreme caution if your stove a lit pilot light that is on all the time. You will need to do about 3 or so coats for full coverage. We got so many likes that we are now making them to order!

Stove top cover 20×28 *new* all sizes available through my shop!!! Using the 1 1/4 pocket hole screws, attach both side boards first, be sure to flush them up to the front of the noodle board. What is a noodle board?

How to seal a noodle board. Once used to dry homemade pasta, noodle boards are making a huge comeback! I will share 2 that i use myself.

Once you have the handles cut out and any design you wanted in the side boards, it is time to attach them to your noodle board. Our raised pine stove top cover, featured above, is ideal for either electric or gas ranges. You have a noodle board.

A noodle board works great as an electric stove cover or a gas stove cover. Start by measuring your stove top, across and from front to back. This stove topper is the perfect way to add more useable space and character to your kitchen.

If so, this stove board is made just for you. It must be cut outside, if you’re going to cut it down further. Stove top cover | noodle board | kitchen decor.

Make sure to make the interior dimensions of your cover big enough to fit over your stove. Now remove the 1×6 pieces, and make sure you keep them in the correct order, so you know how to place them back down when you’re finished gluing. I drilled four holes on each board (two on each side).

Please ensure that your stove is off and completely cool before placing the cover on the range top. This is the base and the tile is mastic’d and grouted into this. Add counter space while keeping your stove top free of dust, pet hair, or anything that may get on your oven burners.

This project will take approximately 2 1/2 hours. The pine wood accepts the stain in rich, deep tones, accentuating the rustic farmhouse feel in your kitchen. It was called a noodle board.

Because your noodle board will likely be in a high traffic, high mess area of your home you will want to make sure it is well sealed. You choose your stain, paint, and stencil for your project. You need to take into account the back and side boards you’ll be adding.

I recently saw a blog post about this. Only 2 available and it's in 16 people's carts. Place the handles in the middle of each 1×3 board and mark the holes with a sharpie.

The noodle board comes sanded and ready to stain, just get the exact stain to match your cabinets and you are done. Then attach the back board. Cut pieces for top of stove cover

Cut pieces for top of diy wooden stove top cover Once your handles are attached, your noodle board is finished! 5 out of 5 stars.

There are a few ways you can seal your noodle board. These will work fine on electric ranges. This project is often called a stove top cover and they are perfect for electric, gas, and coil stove tops.

Most stoves (not all) are standard width of 30″, but the top depth can sometimes vary, especially if it’s got controls on the back like mine. Now paint the entire board with decoart american acrylic paint in titanium white. Here’s a link you can make your own as a dyii project or perhaps purchase them on amazon or etsy.

Allow for the lip cut the base board to size, and then nail the lath strips to cover it. Basically this is a decorative board that you place on top of your cook top when you are not using it. A term that i had never heard of.

If you have a table saw and wish to do the same, you can rip 1/2″ off of your 1×6 board. A noodle board is extra counter space you can create on top of your stove.

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