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Diy guinea pig hanging treat exerciser. I like to be generous about it because it was a bigger issue to have the liner too small than too large.

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Now that i’m no longer selling them, i’m pleased to bring you this diy guinea big hay bag tutorial.


Diy guinea pig feeder. In this instructable you will see how to make a wood hay rack for little pets, for example rabbits or guinea pigs (i have two guinea pigs). Be sure to build this securely as this amount of water is very heavy. To make one, you will need a clean sock, a pair of scissors, and treats, hay is a great choice because it helps to wear down the guinea pig’s teeth, but of course, there are other treat opinions, such as vegetables.

The guinea pig herd reviews another diy hay rack. Looking at the video, it feeds chickens a few grains at a time when they poke at a hanging element. When getting a hay rack, you need to ensure the following (in order of importance):

Make a platform approximately four feet high and place your water barrel on top. The answer is, that while you can get creative (and even make some diy projects) a good ol’ hay rack is the most sensible way to go. Read more of my guinea pig tips.

I used five identical pallets, four for the sides and one on top for a platform. Get ready for a blast from the past! Cut a wide, square strip of fleece for the hammock base.

To know more about making a diy guinea pig cage, watch this video from alexandria’s animals: Guinea pig hanging treat feeder video. Diy youtube chicken feeders are easy to execute because you usually get step by step instructions.

Guinea pig water bottles provide the best means of providing water to a pet rodent. We use a combination of hay trays (plastic boxes from the diy store), with homemade hay bags hanging above them. Add a clump of hay or bedding material to the hammock for extra comfort.

My favorite timonthy hay for the guinea pigs; When getting a guinea pig hay rack there are a lot of different options out there, including: 2 cuts that are 12×12″ grommets with rings or just use some fleece strips for ties;

This gives you a pretty generous seam allowance of 1/2″. Don't spend $25 on buying a similar one when making your own is so easy! This guinea pig hay pouch might be a good choice for those who want guinea pig cage and everything looks neat and clean.

Attach your hose to the water spigot. See more ideas about guinea pig house, pig, guinea pigs. Guinea pig twister feeder toy, guinea pig wheel, guinea pig food holder, guinea pig wood toy, rotating toy

This product has 2 sizes small 9x11x1.5 inches and medium 18x11x1.5, inches designed with a 1000d nylon that will hold up tough against claws and teeth but not recommended for normal cages, this perfect for my c&c cage. The ramps on this guinea pig cage are another bright idea from piggiepigpigs. To solve the problem with the tipping over using a feeder sounds like a reasonable solution.

Supplies to make a guinea pig hay bag. When i still had an etsy shop, this hay bag was one of my top sellers. There are so many diy projects which you can do.

It depicts bitsy, piglet, and hammy sniffing out and grabbing yummy pieces of cucumber and carrot from inside the happy cavy forever home. It is dust free, which means that your piggies will be a lot less likely to develop respiratory problems! Should i get a guinea pig hay bin, hay dispenser or a simple hay holder?;

Guinea pigs are way cooler pets than i would have imagined prior to owning one! Measure the area for the liner, then add 1/2″ per side (so 1″ total per side). This system works pretty well as it allows the pigs to burrow and play in the hay trays, whilst ensuring that there is always some hay that is off the floor and relatively clean.

Diy wire hay rack, from coding with bunnies; Diy rabbit hay bag, from counting chick’ns; Also, it is very soft, making it great for their sensitive feet.

Diy outdoor rabbit hutch hay feeder, from piwakawaka valley homestead; We have seen a similar hay feeder on the youtube channel little adventures and wanted one for our guinea pig. Then cut several small slits into the sock.

By chris peterson be sure to have the bucket secure when measuring and making cuts. See more ideas about guinea pig diy, pig, guinea pigs. Here is a post i wrote with all kinds of great information to help you keep your piggies happy and healthy, including housing, how to trim their nails, and what else they like to eat:

Stuff the sock with treats. The humans shot this video several years ago. August 27th is national guinea pig day!

If you have a lot of time, and are handy, then this chicken feeder idea might be for you. Decorate your guinea pig cage based on the season, and get him/her in on the festivities! Diy wire hay racks, from brick house acres rabbitry;

This diy pig trough guide will teach you how to make a nearly indestructible pig feeder. They have hinges to lift the ramps to make it easier to clean what’s underneath. Diy easy wire hay rack, from bull rock barn and home;

Or if you are not really good at crafts i would recommend getting a bridge or a tunnel and put it in a guinea pig playpen. Fill your barrel and open the spigot. The best guinea pig hay.

Guinea pigs also really enjoy to rest their bellies on a soft material! Diy rabbit hay box | small pet hay rack. This is slightly off topic, but i wanted to mention the best guinea pig hay that i’ve found.

For 4 pigs we have 2 hay trays and 2 hay bags. Diy plastic rabbit hay rack, from homestead lifestyle; Securely attached upside down to a cage, they can’t be tipped over, and they ensure that water does not get contaminated by pieces of food, guinea pig hair or droppings.

Sometimes they can drip, which can ruin bedding in the cage. You’ll need to figure out your own sizes, however, based on your configuration for your guinea pig cage. Here's how to make your own wooden small animal hay feeder for $2 with supplies from a craft store.

Set it in the cage. The combo of two is a good option.

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