Diy Concrete Countertops Over Laminate

We also wanted a darker color so we added one box of sakrete 1 lb cement color in charcoal per bag of concrete. Clean the laminate with a damp cloth to remove any dust or debris from scuffing and allow to dry.

DIY Concrete Kitchen Countertops A StepbyStep Tutorial

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Diy concrete countertops over laminate. Poured concrete countertops are very trendy these days and add a cool industrial feel to a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. Next we looked at laminate countertops. Diy feather finish concrete countertops three years later.

Then i smooth back to front, all the way down over the front edge of the counter. To help with dry time in between coats, we used a fan to circulate the air and it definitely helped the concrete to dry more quickly. I was up for the challenge.

The point of sanding is to create some rough surfaces for the concrete to stick to. Before adding the water to the concrete to pour it, we needed to prep the kitchen counters. Take the time to smooth the wet concrete.

Diy concrete over laminate countertops step 1 clean and sand. So i got on the internet and researched the heck out of things. Sand & clean your countertop to accept the feather finish.

Apply feather finish in about 4 thin, even layers. Mix a batch of each color and swirl them together as you work. Trying our hand at diy ardex concrete counters.

Of surface area, so i figured it wasn’t too large for me to take on. Add concrete overlay to the vertical surface edges Diy concrete countertops using self leveling cement!

Apply 2 coats of 511 impregnator about 1 hour apart. This is one project where i recommend paying careful attention to not only the tutorial but reading any comments left by others that have tried it out. Then we sanded with an electric sander, and savagely scuffed those original gashed badboys with utility knives.

After sanding, vacuum up the dust and wipe off the countertop surface. Begin in a corner, and drag the trowel smoothly. The aim of this diy concrete countertop guide is to provide you with a solid foundation in concrete countertops, and to help you navigate through the most common problems you may face along the way.

See more ideas about concrete countertops, countertops, concrete countertops over laminate. The smoother your application, the less sanding will be required. Keep in mind that if you use an epoxy topcoat as i did, that it will yellow over time.

If there are any cracks in the surface, they may show up over time though. Place your trowel into the concrete and swipe it so that there is a fairly even strip of concrete all across the edge of the trowel. We are still at it, a home renovation that was suppose to last a month is going into month 5.

Finish day 1 with another good sanding. It’s such a massive improvement over dated laminate countertops. There is really nothing blame, except lack of time.

It’s easy to sand all the way down to your laminate! Pick up trowel, and move over so there is an inch or two of overlap, then spread again in the same direction. We would set the drain below the surface of the concrete.

The whole thing will be rough, you just want to knock down peaks and big marks so you don’t use a ton of concrete filling them in. Just mix a 1:1 ratio of the resin and hardener, and tint it to your desired color (or leave it as is). I ended up doing three layers of concrete leaving at least 24 hours of dry time between each layer.

Prepare your home for dust & concrete. Let it dry about 3 hours between layers. Be thorough but don’t overdo it.

How to refinish a laminate countertop. I hope you are as inspired as i am in turning such an industrial material like concrete into something beautiful for your kitchen, bathroom, or any countertop project. We dry mixed it the color with the concrete mix to make sure it was evenly distributed.

Sand & clean your countertop between layers. The product i used is henry brand feather finish concrete underlayment patch and skimcoat. You can do this technique over laminate.

That was just as fun and it sounds. Then, add the second coat (as thin as the first) and let it dry overnight. Diy concrete countertops tasha over at designer trapped in a lawyer’s body updated her vanity counter with concrete for a whopping $20.

There are dyes for concrete, so it’s possible to make it gray and white like marble. Learn how to make your own in only a few days with this tutorial. Ensure your existing laminate countertop is reinforced and exhibits no flex.

The photo below shows mark working on the second coat. We concrete’d our kitchen’s laminate counters. I like to spread the concrete left to right at first to get complete coverage.

Said they were too likely to stain, too rustic and too trendy. I have about 25 sq. Use a shop vacuum to clean up the extra dust and mix your concrete to add another layer.

I started my bachelors degree program and hubby had to go back to work, but we have been weekend warriors trying to get everything done. If we had ordered laminate countertops from home depot, it still would have been about $1800. Easy peasy diy concrete countertops over my laminate counters.

If you have concrete counters in your home, we recommend totalboat tabletop epoxy resin & hardener kit. After the final layer, i spent several hours (yes, several hours) sanding the surface as smooth as possible. I also coated my sink with concrete, so i ran my sanding sponge over it as well.

The first step is to prep your countertops. I love the look of concrete countertops, but hubby vetoed them. I've seen a lot of diy projects for installing concrete kitchen countertops and i really want to give it a go!

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